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BACKGROUND: Tony Lowe’s current ESP Project began in 2015/16 with ‘Invisible Din’ featuring numerous guests including Mark Brzezicki, David Cross, David Jackson, and John Young; followed in 2018 by ‘22 Layers of Sunlight’, with vocals, concept and lyrics from ex-Lotus Eaters, Peter Coyle, and three additional albums – ’three’, ’The Rising’ & ‘phenomena’ with lyrics/vocals by Damien Child. On ‘22 Layers of Sunlight’ (2018) with Peter’s unique lyrics and vocal style alongside Tony’s music, they created something strong and different with a new and unheard synthesis of music, words, and production. They return to their creative collaboration on ‘anarchic curves’, a stunning, timely addition to the ESP musical catalogue. In 2022, ESP Project re-released ‘innerlife‘ and 19th of May, 2023 ‘reverie‘, a Prog Symphony in Seven Movements.

The ESP Project has a history of top reviewed releases, contributing lyricists, vocalists & musicians; the last seven releases receiving a combination of over 60 4-4.5 star reviews from the Music Press and numerous top 10 album of the year awards. All albums are produced by Tony Lowe and released on the Sunn Creative label.

Past albums include: Invisible Din (FEATURING: Tony Lowe, Mark Brzezicki, David Cross, David Jackson, Alison Fleming, Steve Gee, Phil Spalding, John Young, John Beagley, Pat Orchard and Yumi Hara.); 22 Layers of Sunlight (FEATURING: Tony Lowe, Peter Coyle, Mark Brzezicki, Pete Clark, Richard Smith); three, The Rising, phenomena (FEATURING: Tony Lowe, Damien Child, Pete Clark, Greg Pringle); anarchic curves (FEATURING: Tony Lowe, Peter Coyle, Pete Clark, Dave Etheridge, Cheryl Stringall); innerlife (FEATURING: Tony Lowe, Alison Fleming).

ESP Project releases ‘reverie’ – 19/05/2023 

ESP Project releases ‘reverie’ – a progressive rock symphony on the 19th of May, 2023 – Pre-orders through Bandcamp open on 21st of April, 2023!

reverie – A Prog Symphony in Seven Movements, is the 8th ESP Project album since 2016. Written and performed by multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Tony Lowe and just under 60 minutes; the music captures mysterious atmospheres where orchestral waves sweep across changing moods and tempos accompanied by Tony’s scintillating and melodic guitar lines, taking the listener into sublime landscapes and scenarios. From stirring symphonic themes, to prog rock and fusion, reverie invokes an overall feeling of hope for the future.


Getting my first listen to “reverie“, the forthcoming album from ESP due for release from Sunn Creative on 19th May. Beautifully nuanced and alive with exquisite textures, Tony Lowe creates a striking and absorbing set of symphonic landscapes across seven tracks or movements. It’s a riveting journey which never fails to engross and absorb with abundant richness and engaging atmospheres. The stunning artwork yet is also courtesy of Tony and completes a package which brings a definite sense of peace and hope. Magnificent.” – Rob Fisher – The Progressive Aspect

REVERIE is the latest album from ESP Project. I couldn’t wait for the CD to arrive so I listened to the download, and was not disappointed. Tony Lowe is the sole musician here though the wide palette he’s employed gives the impression of a full, tightly-knit ensemble. It’s really uplifting stuff and somehow it feels like a step forward, as though Lowe has embraced the possibilities of a huge, blank canvas. As always, his playing is exquisite and his production is superb. Unfortunately I’m unable to appreciate the care that goes into the physical package until the CD lands on my doormat.” Gareth’s Prog Blog

“… a tremendous listen” -Garry Foster/Prog Rock Files/WCR FM –

Glorious new music from the genius of Tony Lowe. A seven-song mini symphony that delights the senses and moves the soul. Exquisite sounds that expand and explore every movement and note creating a cornucopia of wonderful sensations and feeling! The music flows with energy, vitality, and distinction, creating a colorful, cosmic atmosphere, full of anticipation and wonder. There is an emotional release almost like a prayer being offered in the hopes of a better future. A positive uplifting album, this is original music of healing, love, and comfort for a wounded and hurting world. Sensual and strong, touching and forging, ‘reverie’ is a masterpiece of progressive music.” – Rick Peuser

“Outstanding album!! Airplay this week on The Prog Bus” – Progzilla Radio



‘innerlife’ – The first project written conceived by Tony Lowe for the ESP Project was a multi sensory, multi media concept influenced by the colour spectrum, including visuals, music and lyrics and the use of corresponding scents. All in all, creating a complete sensory experience in three areas, with a 13 song soundtrack by Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming. see below  Since 2016, the six ESP Project albums have received a combination of over 50 4-4.5/5-star reviews from the Music Press and several top 10 albums of the year awards. All albums are produced by Tony Lowe and released on the Sunn Creative label. ‘innerlife‘ is available from 30th September, 2022 on Bandcamp as a digital download. ‘anarchic curves’ is available on Bandcamp as a CD/digital download from 29th April, and the usual outlets. The CD comes as a Limited-Edition digipak with a 12-page lyric booklet with album art and graphics by Cheryl Stringall.


ESP Project releases ‘innerlife’ 30/09/2022


From colour, through words and music, to the ‘innerlife’ 
The first project written conceived by Tony Lowe for the ESP Project was a multi sensory, multi media concept influenced by the colour spectrum, including visuals, music and lyrics and the use of corresponding scents. All in all, creating a complete sensory experience in three areas, with a 13 song soundtrack by Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming.


Imagine a place where a world of music, colour and scent combine, surrounding and engaging you, the audience, in a glorious tri-sensory experience. Each composition is influenced by the colours in the visible spectrum corresponding with a mood experienced when listening to the songs as they flow through different musical styles; including rock, pop, acoustic and orchestral. Most people are aware of the influence of colour innerlifeon our moods and emotions, the subjective power of a particular image, and the manner in which music can move us deeply. Combining these with a sense of smell produces a powerful sensory experience. An experience of this unique event will positively change perception of our world.

The’innerlife‘ live show was performed once for the Action Aid Charity by Tony and Alison with a full band including Vari-Lites for the colour changes, in London in 2008. There was a limited edition CD at the time and we now have the ability to create the right kind of visual presentation, so we’re re-issuing an updated version of the soundtrack.

The ‘innerlife‘ soundtrack will be available on September 30th with a short promo video. Full length videos to go with the songs and music will be available on Youtube in 2023.

New ESP Project album ‘anarchic curves’ 29-04-22


‘anarchic curves’ released 29-04-22

From BIG BANG Magazine in France

“… the record is in keeping, on the same tone, overflowing with tenderly captivating melodies, and quietly inventive guitar solos, bathing in a mellow atmosphere …Closer to Fish On Friday than to Lifesigns, ESP Project puts with Anarchic Curves once again in the spotlight and taste of the day an elegant and romantic symphonic prog, indispensable for any fan of Barclay James Harvest or the sweetest Tony Banks. As for the most demanding prog fans, they will enjoy the few unbridled escapes that dot the record and its conclusion of beauty.” Alain Succa – Big Bang Magazine – translated review HERE.

From France – “All in sound delicacy, Anarchic Curves is a captivating album from start to finish, musical charm in its purest form!” Read full review in English HERE or at Prog Critique


It took me a while to find the word which remained at the periphery of my mind as I listened and relistened to this album. Dignity. Anarchic Curves is, in the end, a magnificent exaltation of the greatness of the human spirit.” – Rob Fisher – Progressive Aspect – Full Review

Glorious. First listen to the new release from ESP. Fabulous, rich melodic texturing, soundscapes to savour and an atmosphere of exhilarating creativity. And what can you say about the artwork – stunning. Yet another remarkable evolution in the ESP Project’s already highly impressive journey.” – Rob Fisher

The ESP Project release their sixth studio album, ‘anarchic curves’ on 29th April 2022. Featuring the musical compositions of Tony Lowe, the concept, poetic lyrics and vocals of Peter Coyle, this album is a mesmerising addition to a highly reviewed body of work. Tony and Peter take us yet again into a vivid and imaginative world with songs that move from melodic and symphonic to intense prog rock, creating an unforgettable offering to the ESP Project catalogue. The album features Tony Lowe on guitar-keyboards, Peter Coyle on vocals, Pete Clark on bass, Dave Etheridge on drums, and Peter Coyle & Cheryl Stringall on additional keyboards. The band tours with Landmarq Summer of 2022.

The album and live band featuring Tony Lowe on guitar, Peter Coyle on vocals, Pete Clark on bass, Dave Etheridge on drums, and Cheryl Stringall (live) on keyboards go on the road with Landmarq in Summer of 2022.  Visit the ESP Project website.



ESP NewsTony Lowe is back in the studio creating new music for the 6th ESP Project release which will again feature the wonderful voice and lyrics of Peter Coyle. Collaborations between Tony and Peter can be heard on the ‘22 Layers of Sunlight’ and ‘isotope’ albums with UK gigs for both projects booking for 2022. String – Sunn Creative


‘Appearance in perception as different from its ‘real’ nature’

Prog Watch 751

Variety + The ESP Project on Progressive Discoveries

Resident reviewer, Dr. Rob Fisher, will take us on a voyage of Progressive Discovery with the latest album by Tony Lowe’s ESP Project!

Tony Lowe is a first-rate composer with a keen sense of composition that like his previous albums, this one hides treasures that are just waiting to be discovered or rediscovered.” Daniel SebonAmarok Magazine 2021 – Translated PDFBig Bang - France

From Tony Lowe’s featured interview with Alain Succa at Big Bang Magazine – “it’s a matter of building something from the imagination, and in a way the music then tells me what it needs. I follow where it leads me.” English TranslationBig Bang Magazine – France – Dec 2020 Issue – Thank you also to Olivier at Cosmos Music France

“It is glorious, it is embracing but it is always and forever shifting. You never hear the same album twice. Different things resonate with each listen, emphases shift, different elements and aspects stand out depending on mood, attentiveness and the listener’s disposition. To my mind, this is what makes it a truly absorbing and deeply fascinating album.” – Full Review – Rob Fisher – Progressive Aspect

“Phenomena is a much needed boost of an album, powerful, challenging symphonic rock that refuses to rest on its laurels and proving yet again that the ESP Project is full of class, musicality and great, thoughtful writing.” – Full Review – Andrew Cottrell – Background Magazine

Phenomena is full of “beautiful melodic lines and remarkable imaginative and refined sections”Full ReviewJacques Becker

Phenomema” keeps all its promises with a superb musicality… In short, great class and the full of positive energy!” – Full Review – Pierre from ProgCritique

“…a mix of original melodic rock, all tinged with symphonic-typed breaks, pieces flowing gracefully through the voice and instruments…” – Full Review – Brutus from Prog Censor

“Tony Lowe (music & instrumentation) and excellent vocalist/lyricist Damien Child come through with a collection of very enjoyable Neo Prog songs.I am intrigued by Tony’s chord sensibilities as well as Damien’s ability to find a fitting though often edgy and distinctive melody line with his beautifully modulated voice. Definitely an album and duo worth revisiting. B+/4.5 stars; a near-masterpiece of well-formed progressive rock music.” – Full Review – Bruford Freak – ProgArchives

“The album is crammed full of accessible, symphonic rock music with some nice progressive flourishes and effective snatches of experimentation…bolstered by Lowe’s precise layered instrumentation and sumptuous production…some great playing, thoughtful lyrics, and the definitive ESP stamp make PHENOMENA another class album.” – Full Review – Gareth’s Prog Blog

It’s an absolutely superb album from Start to finish!!!” Garry Foster – Prog Rock Files – WCRfm

Here’s the Prog you’ve been looking for! – Phenomena is a tour de force of contemporary prog.” – Brian Talgo (Gentle Knife) – Review

‘phenomena’ is the fifth release from Tony Lowe’s ESP Project and was written, arranged and performed by Tony, between January and June 2020. The album also features Damien Child who wrote the insightful and imaginative lyrics once again, and added the vocals at the end of May, with a special guest appearance by Alison Fleming on vocals on Track 7. This album has all the hallmarks of ESP with alluring melodies and stirring arrangements. Tony’s guitar and synth play haunting themes, weaving over symphonic rock at its most dramatic and uplifting, all interspersed with strange altering scenes and soundtracks that suggest dark and fascinating interiors to this music. ‘phenomena’ is rhythmic and captivating yet strong and hopeful in all the right places.

On iTunes, Amazon and all digital outlets – 4th September 2020***


Thank You:

Garry Foster for featuring phenomena on Prog Rock Fileswcrfm

Shaun Geraghty for featuring phenomena on The Prog MillProgzilla Radio

Bob Prigmore for featuring phenomena on the The Prog and Rock Show

Quiet Days Louder NightsQuiet Days Louder Nights

The ESP Featuring series is live on Bandcamp – No 1 – ‘Quiet Days Louder Nights’ features the unmistakable sound of David Jackson in this new instrumental version of ‘Quiet Days’ from ‘Invisible Din’. Previously unheard parts by David Jackson on Saxes and Flutes and Tony Lowe on Guitar, Keys and programming.

“When David sent me parts for the album, he always included several different takes, and for that version I used the parts that supported the song as it was then. Some of the parts were so strong that they really deserve to be heard and LOUD. So here is ‘Quiet days Louder nights’ Featuring David Jackson.” – Tony Lowe

The Rising


Back with a sharp rise in temperature, the new ESP Project album, ‘THE RISING’, is upbeat and powerful. This tight four piece band roars through a landscape sculpted by the powerful and moving music of Tony Lowe, coupled with insightful and heartfelt lyrics of Damien Child with his versatile and poignant vocals. With guitar and keys by Tony Lowe, the passionate grooves of Pete Clark’s bass, underpinned by the intense energy of Greg Pringle’s drums, this album takes the listener to another level in the ESP catalogue.


Tony Lowe’s ESP Project





 “Each release from ESP just gets better & better, they set the bar high and then scale it with ease.”
Garry Foster –  Prog Rock Files –  ESP ProjectTony Lowe’s ESP Project returned with four great new tracks. Titled ‘three‘, the new EP contains over 30 min of progressive rock and was released 19th January, 2019. ‘three’ has all the hallmarks of the first two ESP releases, with Tony’s symphonic compositions and arrangements weaving in and out of evocative and passionate vocal sections, delivered with both sensitivity and power in all the right places by Damien Child, an accomplished actor and singer with many years experience in TV, Radio and West End Theatre.
Dae and ToneWith Greg Pringle on Drums and Pete Clark on Bass this is a formidable combo of accomplished musicians playing with heart and soul. ThreadedPete Clarkthrough by Tony’s unmistakeable guitar and keyboard playing, a must for anyone who liked the previous two albums, which together were given over twenty-six, 4 – 4.5 star reviews by the music press and voted into the top 10 Progressive Rock – albums of the year as well as in top 20 albums of 2018. 



Tony and Damien are working on a new album for an autumn 2019 release; in the meantime, as an introduction, ‘three’ is available on Bandcamp as a CD and digital download from 19th Jan, and then the usual digital outlets, see the MP3s and CDs page or the sidebar for links.                

Comments from Radio Presenters and Media

‘three’ – 4.5 /Greg Pringle 5 rating. If you enjoy great vocals, melodies, lyrics, compositions & talented musicians, then ESP Project is definitely for you. Check them out ! We haven’t heard the last of ESP Denis Champagne (Prog Core Live) (Montréal)

ESP is an evolving musical project, involving Tony Lowe and a series of collaborators. The latest three EP, also featuring Damien Child, is really excellent, ESP’s best so far. Really looking forward to the next album.”Paul Grunill – The Last Outpost, Harborough FM

“…Lowe’s guitar poses elegant notes. In addition, the singer Damien child has the timbre of voice that perfectly suits the composed music…much as this disc is of a beautiful fluidity. If you like melodic rock and progressive rock this disc is made for you.” 8.5/10 Eric Berger – Progtime Music





ESP – ‘three’ – Background

In 2019, Tony is joined by vocalist/lyricist Damien Child and another dimension is reached with soaring melodies alongside heartfelt passionate vocals over a weave of strong rhythmic drums, percussion and bass, often reaching new heights in this combination of symphonic prog rock and classical music that is stirring, uplifting and joyful in places, but equally strange and dark in others.Dae

Damien Child began working in the entertainment industry at the age of 10 as an actor and singer. Work included lead roles on TV, radio and West End shows in a career that spanned 16 years.

When he isn’t immersed in music you can find him lurking around the horror section of the nearest bookshop.

ESP 2.0


Tony Lowe : Peter Coyle : Mark Brzezicki

“…between classic and contemporary, digital and analogue, musicality and ‘the grid’…the sun rises again on symphonic prog project – ESP 2.0. PROG #86

Interview with Tony Lowe and Peter Coyle before the Robin 2 Gig at the Bilston by Garry Foster of Prog Rock Files.




“This is an album that will reward your time with real richness. Listen to it in the summer sunlight and be caressed by the sound.” – Steve Swift – Fireworks Issue 83             “…expertly crafted with excellent writing and musicianship, impeccable production and once again, beautiful presentation.” Prog Blog   

“This band creates the perfect soundscapes…another wonderful release from Tony Lowe and ESP. There’s not a track on 22 Layers Of Sunlight that did not sound perfect or had any missing Fireworks Issue 83notions.” Professor Mark – The Progressive Aspect

22 Layers of Sunlight “is a very well-crafted set of songs, clearly put together with passion and care by the musicians involved and certainly recommended for all prog fans.“ Full Review PW – Rock Society

4/5**** ESP 2.0 have done it again with another album full of intriguing and enjoyable music. ’22 Layers Of Sunlight’ will certainly propel them further into the upper echelons of progressive music.Jason Ritchie – Get Ready to Rock

“…it’s good to see Lowe and Coyle with their own agenda and what they do on their own terms…and on their own terms comes a grand concept…the album presents a lush listen…what stands out are the congenial and extended song arrangements…all controlled and contained in a warm and rich decoration.” POWERPLAY Issue 207Full Review

“Having heard the whole album, I can only say, it’s a cracker! I thPROG #86ought the first album was great, but this has surpassed that one, well done!” Campbell Stewart – The Fatman’s Rock Show

“ESP 2.0 ‘22 Layers Of Sunlight’ After being slightly late to the party for the ESP debut album…..I made sure I turned up early for the follow up, and without doubt this is one of 2018’s finest albums!!!” – Garry Foster – Prog Rock Files

‘22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ (Release 20/04/2018) is the new collaboration between Tony Lowe (Cross & Fripp / Simon Townshend / Bram Stoker) Peter Coyle (ex-Lotus Eaters) and Mark Brzezicki (Procol Harum / The Cult / Phil Collins). Coming after the successful debut of their first album ‘Invisible Din’, the 2016 release which earned over 14 top reviews by the music industry; this incarnation features Peter Coyle, formerly of The Lotus Eaters, joining forces with renowned composer/producer Tony Lowe to write these deeply evocative and stunningly original songs, merging passionate vocals and intricate soundscapes. Sometimes using complex rhythmic structures – supplied by ace session drummer Mark Brzezicki, overlaid with modern progressive rock elements and orchestral movements, the music creates an intense, dramatic but ultimately uplifting experience.




The new collaboration between Tony Lowe (guitarist/composer/producer) vocalist Peter Coyle (ex-Lotus Eaters) and Mark Brzezicki (Big Country) on drums. WORK HARD PR                 

Peter Coyle, who was recently described as ‘one of the most under-rated singer/songwriters in the UK’ has now joined forces with renowned composer/producer Tony Lowe and ace session drummer Mark Brzezicki to release ’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ on 20th April 2018.  PRESS RELEASE

“Making music is the deepest part of our lives…it takes just over a second for the light from the moon to reach us…it takes a lifetime to share the wonder of that with others…and that is what we feel we have done with ’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT‘” – Peter Coyle


  • Peter Coyle – formed The Lotus Eaters in 1982. He is best known for the international hit The First Picture of You which still enjoys regular airplay on many radio shows today and remains a firm favourite with both old and new listeners. He left the band in early 2017. Peter has written and recorded with Toyah, The Lightning Seeds’ Ian Broudie, Space’s David Yorkie Palmer, OMD’s Mal Holmes. A talented producer, he has worked with Steve Power (Robbie Williams, Julian Cope) Ronnie Stone (The Pixies) and has composed for the film (Powder 2011). He also recently worked with Heaven 17’s, Martyn Ware, where he performed at the National Portrait Gallery in London – continued.
  • Tony Lowe – Guitars with Simon Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Modern English, Julian Lennon and many more. Producer to ‘David Cross & Peter Banks’ (Crossover) – ‘David Cross & Robert Fripp’ (Starless Starlight), ESP – ‘Invisible Din’, John Foxx, Toyah, Bram Stoker, Simon Townshend and more. Currently producing Pete Banks tribute album ‘Crossover’ featuring David Cross and members of King Crimson and Yes. Keyboards on all tracks on 22 Layers of Sunlight except piano on ‘Smiling Forever’.
  • Mark Brzezicki – Drummer with Big Country, Phil Collins, Pete Townshend, Sting, Procol Harum, The Cult and Midge Ure.
  • Pete Clark – Bass – has played in many original bands since the early 1980’s. His taste in music is eclectic but a constant favourite has always been progressive rock. This interest has led to his current involvement with tribute bands “What The Floyd” and “Progfathers”. He has been a professional musician since 1989 and has performed with numerous cover/function bands including T-BASS where he met his singer/songwriter wife, Fran. Together they set up their own label and have produced and released two solo albums for Fran, “To Fly” (2007) and “Beautiful People” (2013).
  • Richard Smith – Piano – (one track only – ‘Smiling Forever’) trained as a classical organist and harpsichordist, studying all over Europe and giving solo recitals in many cathedrals. Until recently he made is living principally as a choral and orchestral conductor but has recently discovered the joys of playing rock’n’roll. He is also the keyboardist for the Pink Floyd tribute band What The Floyd and The Rube Goldberg Machine.

ESP 2.0 – LIVE feat: Peter Coyle (ex Lotus Eaters) : Tony Lowe : Greg Pringle with Full Band

ESP 2.0 – The unique combination of Peter Coyle (formed The Lotus Eaters in 1982 – best known for the international hit ‘The First Picture of You’) and Tony Lowe (Composer/Producer/Guitarist) along with Mark Brzezicki (at select venues) will play music from their new prog rock album, ’22 Layers of Sunlight’ (April – 2018) along with songs from ‘Invisible Din’ the 2016 release which earned over 14 top reviews by the music industry.

These deeply evocative and stunningly original songs, merge passionate vocals and intricate soundscapes. Sometimes using complex rhythmic structures, overlaid with modern progressive rock elements and orchestral movements, the music creates an intense, dramatic but ultimately uplifting experience. They will be supported by Richard Smith on keyboards, Pete Clark on bass and with Special Guest Mikey Cuthbert at The Half Moon and John Young (Lifesigns) at The Stables & Robin 2. *Mark Brzezicki will not be playing at the Merlin Theatre – Frome event due to schedule conflicts.


*The music can be compared to Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, and Peter Gabriel

*About Peter Coyle

Interview with Peter Coyle of The Lotus Eaters

Photo credits – Tony Lowe by Mark Gascoigne : Mark Brzezicki by String : Richard Smith by Jason Sykes : Pete Clark by Tim Bastock


‘Invisible Din’ – THE ALBUM is a unique symphonic, progressive rock concept album –  a collaboration with musicians from King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator, Big Country – Procol Harum, GTR, Lifesigns, and Landmarq, among others. Released on 11th November 2016, the music can be compared to Genesis, King Crimson, Yes and Peter Gabriel.

‘Invisible Din’ is written and produced by Tony Lowe who Lowe & Brzezicki's ESP - Invisible Dinrecently co-produced the ‘Starless Starlight‘ album by David Cross & Robert Fripp and ‘Cold Reading‘ by Bram Stoker. Tony Lowe and Mark Brzezicki are at the forefront of the album project and a core band, which will be playing live events with special guests from the world of Prog.

Contributors on the album are; Tony Lowe, Mark Brzezicki (Big Country, Procol Harum), David Cross (King Crimson), David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator), Phil Spalding (Steve Hackett, Mike Oldfield), Steve Gee (Landmarq), John Young (Lifesigns), Pat Orchard, Alison Fleming (Tony Lowe), John Beagley and electric harp from Yumi Hara (Daevid Allen, Hugh Hopper).







PROG January 2017“Evocative and ambitious….From the first moments of Overture it’s apparent that we’re dealing with quality…Stylistically, this is solid classic/symphonic prog.” GMM – PROG January 2017

“Highlights include…Searching the Banks for a Memory which opens with gorgeous electric harp (Yumi Hara)…before blossoming out with John Beagley’s vocals…Almost Seen, is a beautiful dreaming piece with David Cross’s excellent electric violin work and Pat Orchard’s gentle acoustic guitar…” Rest of Review  – DK – Rock Society Jan/Feb 2017

Best Albums Classic Rock Societyof 2016 – Tony Lowe and Mark Brzezicki may have released the BEST new music in progressive rock in years. From the opening song  “Overture” to the closing “Almost Seen” every piece is simply superb…One of the best albums of 2016 and maybe of the decade.” Read the rest of the review by Benjamin E. New Esq. at Without Shoes

From Japan – Progressive Award 2016 – Top 10 -“glorious and traditional British prog-rock”  – Prog Notes Special

TOTP Pick of 2016 – Thanks to The Progressive Aspect and Mark A France who included ‘Invisible Din’ in his top three albums of the year; “Lowe & Brzezicki’s ESP/Invisible Din: Tony Lowe and Mark Brzezicki very recently released what I am calling one of the BEST progressive rock albums in years. From the opening “Overture” to the closing “Almost Seen”, this is a true voyage for the prog aficionado!” The Progressive Aspect

Fireworks Magazine Issue 77“‘Invisible Din’ is good. Oh, it’s good alright. This is big, important Prog…” Steve SwiftFireworks

“…one of the best prog releases this year. Fantastic album!” Campbell Stewart

“I’ve now listened to the album three times and the concept stands up really well. The production adds a Floydian feel to some of the material and the tracks evoke appropriate emotions: sometimes reflective, sometimes elation. The work is remarkably melodic…and repeated listening has revealed further layers and previously unnoticed jazzy moments. It’s impossible to choose a favourite track because the album holds together beautifully. ESP: All symphonic progressive rock fans should buy Invisible Din and make every effort to go to see them on tour.” Gareth’s Prog Blog

“Invisible Din is an excellent album, the kind that the leaders of prog used to make, fashioned over hours of careful and thorough practice….a wonderland of sounds that will take you back to a different era. Get this album and experience music made by consummate professionals, the way it used to be.” Professor Mark – The Progressive Aspect

TIP (Highly Recommended) – “The traditionally constructed symphonic rock has a melancholic atmosphere… due to the prominent, often compelling guitar playing and theiO pages melodic as well as furious saxophone-parts there’s a clearly sharper edge to ESP. Yet the statelier works dominate, especially because solemn Mellotron-like sounds, vital Moog-riffs and robust Hammond organ passages are frequently embedded in the medium length, multi-part compositions.” René Yedema – Dutch progressive rock-magazine iO Pages, No. 140English Translation

4/5 Stars – “The symphonic/big sound created make this album one that will stand up to repeated plays. Interesting listen and it certainly grabs the listener’s attention taking them on a marvelous musical journey. Jason Ritchie – Get Ready to ROCK!

9/10 Stars – “Invisible Din” is quite brilliant, and surprisingly accessible…the songs are epic journey’s often encompassing two or three parts, and many with huge instrumental passages – and the phenomenal Saxophone of Jackson at the end of “Through The Dream” is worth buying this record for alone – but all with the idea that this should be enjoyed not endured and there is nothing remotely “challenging” (always a dread word) about this quite glorious 70 minutes.”  Andy Thorley at Maximum Volume Music

4.5/5 Stars – “…it’s difficult not to be swept away by the masterful touch and sounds on show. Keep in mind however that Invisible Din is a slow burn, an album tRhythmhat at first feels intriguing, before slowly revealing its true and quite breathtaking strengths. There’s little doubt that prog is where it’s ‘at’ once again, stunning albums seemingly dropping from nowhere on a monthly basis to amaze and impress. What Lowe and Brzezicki have created with ESP however, is right up there with, if not beyond many of the best of them.” Steven Reid at the Sea of Tranquility

8/10 Stars – from Martin Howell in the November issue of POWERPLAY

4/5 Stars – “Producer/guitarist Tony Lowe’s project with Big Country and session ace Mark Brzezicki has yielded an eclectic album packed full of progressive rock and fusion.” – November Issue of Rhythm Magazine

“It’s top quality prog no matter where you drop the needle, but early doors it’s “Through The Dream”, “Searching The Banks For A Memory” and “Almost Seen” that get me moist.  An essential album for prog fans.” Zeitgeist and The Rocker

“Esp -’Invisible Din’-listened to it in its entirety. It just about blew my mind! Beautiful arrangements, magical production and so emotional and dramatic – enrapturing, captivating, a masterpiece! Absolutely fantastic. Made me well-up in places. That sax, lead guitar, violin – powerfully emotive. The drumming is just phenomenal.”

Thank you to those who have taken the time to listen to, and review, the album~





Screen-Shot-2017-01-04-at-20.07.43-220x300Thank you to Andy Rawll for a wonderful review of the launch gig in the January edition of ‘Record Collector’…”Lowe cleverly combines sumptuous orchestration with incisive guitar and keyboards, compelling lyrics and soaring vocals. The critical fifth element is the intricate, precise rhythms of Mark Brzezicki…A triumph of style and substance” Record Collector January 2017                 

“From the outset it was obvious that the band were a really tight-knit outfit, playing densely layered lines of largely instrumental prog of the highest order with three lead instruments available at any one time over a solid, busy rhythm section. The keyboard patches were accurate reproductions of 70s analogue sounds but all the instruments were distinct and the whole sound well-balanced in the low-ceiling venue. It was possible to detect influences as varied as early Genesis, post-Gabriel Genesis, UK, and even a little Pawn Hearts-era Van der Graaf Generator…” Gareth’s Prog Blog

ORDER  ESP – Invisible Din Album




MUSICIANS ON: Lowe & Brzezicki’s ESP – Invisible Din 

Tony Lowe
Guitar/Vocals: Tony has worked with many artists as a guitarist including Simon Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Julian Lennon, Pet Shop Boys and Julien Clerc. As a producer has worked with David Cross, Toyah, John Foxx, Simon Townshend, Chris Gray, Bram Stoker, ’David Cross and Robert Fripp’ and many more.

Mark Brzezicki
Drums: Widely known as being the drummer in Big Country although his list of live and studio credits is endless, including Phil Collins, Sting, Procol Harum, The Cult and Midge Ure.

David Cross
Electric Violin: David was violinist in King Crimson and famously played on ‘Larks Tongues in Aspic’ album and ‘Starless and Bible Black’ as well as touring extensively with the band which included Bill Buford and John Wetton. Now involved in many different recording projects including the David Cross Band. David and Tony worked together when they produced the ‘Cross and Fripp’ album ’Starless Starlight’ together in 2015, although their collaborations go way back.

David Jackson
Saxophones/Flutes: David played Saxophones and Flutes through various electronic devices for many years in Van der Graaf Generator. He has also played with Peter Gabriel and Keith Tippet amongst many others which includes 18 Italian bands since 1970! David Jackson’s inspiration originally came from childhood experiences of popular music, jazz, rock and folk. He is also an extraordinary interactive performance artist and the creator of Tonewall.David worked with Tony and David Cross on the ‘Starless Night’ concert at the Bedford in 2015.

Phil Spalding
Bass: Mostly known for his work as a bass player with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Elton John, Mick Jagger, Robbie Williams, Mike Oldfield and Seal.

Steve Gee
Bass: Along with his current band, Landmarq. Steve has also played with John Wetton (Asia, King Crimson, UK, Roxy Music) and Pete Banks, the original guitarist from Yes, amongst many others.

John Beagley
Vocals/Keyboards: John has released several self-produced albums as a solo artist and has collaborated with various musicians, including Simon Collins, (Sound of Contact), Jeremy Cubert and Tom Kraus of Prog band Iluvator.

John Young
John was classically trained at Liverpool Cathedral on the keyboard and voice and has played with many famous artists over the years, including, Greenslade, Asia, John Wetton, Fish, Paul Rodgers, Bonnie Tyler and many more. John has also written music for various TV productions. A consummate player and performer currently with the band Lifesigns.

Alison Fleming
Vocals: Alison’s work is lit by her vivid imagination. Her intuitive, heartfelt, often dramatic lyrics can be candid yet ambiguous making them a perfect match for Tony’s evocative and imaginative music. As heard on many of their collaborations her clearwater, ethereal voice lifts this material to new heights of beauty.

Yumi Hara
Electric Harp: Recently took up harp for ‘Half the Sky; music of Lindsay Cooper’ project. Yumi has collaborated with many musicians as a pianist and vocalist including ‘The Artaud Beats’, ‘Jump for Joy!’, ‘you me & us’ (with Daevid Allen and Chris Cutler) and an album with Hugh Hopper.

Pat Orchard
Acoustic Guitar: Pat has written and recorded several albums of his own material and has toured extensively. He has also supported Annie Lennox, Johnny Cash, Emerson Lake and Palmer and Richard Thompson.

Many thanks to the photographers: David Jackson by Luca Fiaccavento; Steve Gee by Paul Blue; Yumi Hara by Kunimitsu Tsuburai; Alison Fleming by Madeleine Thour; Tony Lowe, Mark Brzezicki, David Cross, John Beagley by Cheryl Stringall

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