22 Layers – Peter Coyle & Tony Lowe, release ‘LoAdeD’ – EP!
LoAdeDPeter Coyle & Tony Lowe have been working on a new project called ‘22 Layers’ and on 5th June their first EP for Sunn Creative, ‘LoAdeD’ (three songs and one remix) are available on Bandcamp, with a subsequent release to digital outlets; iTunes, Amazon on 3rd July, 2020.

In 2018 Peter and Tony worked together on the top-reviewed ’22 Layers of Sunlight’ prog album as part of the ESP Project. The ’22 Layers’ project expands their production and writing into a more experimental, alternative rock area.

Available Now At Bandcamp

Peter Coyle, is a dynamic performer, composer, producer and lyricist with a sultry voice and delivery, best known for his work in the Lotus Eaters and the worldwide hit ‘The First Picture of You’ as well as a number of other notable collaboratioPeter Coyle - Tony Lowens with many artists including Paul Humphries and Mal Holmes (OMD), Martyn Ware, John Murphy (film composer Danny Boyle) Toyah, Paul Morley, and the Lightning Seeds. In 1987, Coyle won the US Billboard Album of the Year for his critically acclaimed solo album ‘A Slap in the Face for Public Taste’.  

Tony Lowe, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer is known for his production work on a number of well-known prog projects such as the ESP Project, and Crossover (Cross & Banks), Starless Starlight (Cross and Fripp) as well as many other rock and alternative rock albums. He also composes, produces and plays guitar and keyboards on the ESP Project albums. He previously played guitar with Roger Daltrey, Simon Townshend, Julian Lennon, Modern English and Pet Shop Boys among many others. 

From ’22 Layers of Sunlight’ – “…it’s good to see Lowe and Coyle with their own agenda and what they do on their own terms…” Powerplay

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