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ESP – three

ESP -threeTony Lowe’s ESP Project is back with four great new tracks. Titled three, the new EP contains over 30 min of progressive rock, released 19th January, 2019. ‘three’ has all the hallmarks of the first two ESP releases, with DaeTony’s symphonic compositions and arrangements weaving in and out of evocative and passionate vocal sections, delivered with both sensitivity and power in all the right places by Damien Child, an accomplished actor and singer with many years experience in TV, Radio and West End Theatre.

With Greg Pringle on Drums and Pete Clark on Bass this is a formidable combo of accomplished musicians playing with heart and soul. Threaded through by Tony’s unmistakeable guitar and keyboard playing, a must for anyone who liked the previous two albums, which together were given over twenty-six, 4 – 4.5 star reviews by the music press and voted into the top 10 Progressive Rock – albums of the year as well as in top 20 albums of 2018.

Tony and Damien will be working on a new album for an autumn 2019 release; in the meantime, as an introduction, ‘three’ is available on Bandcamp as a CD and digital download from 19th Jan, and the usual digital outlets. Press Release

ESP 2.0 Live 2018End of Tour – July 2018 – Thanks for all your support, enthusiasm and genuine warmth over this past year or so. We are now back in the studio working hard on new material and will have the EP out before years end. Next Spring will see a new album and some live dates. In the meantime, there will be comment, pictures and general murmurings from the page, so please stay in touch. – Tony Lowe & Peter Coyle – ESP 2.0

Tony Lowe & Peter CoyleA fortuitous email from ex Lotus Eaters – vocalist and lyricist Peter Coyle, to Sunn Creative producer and creative director Tony Lowe, led to a new collaboration and album release, ’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ by Tony Lowe & Peter Coyle aka the ESP 2.0 project. A venture conceived as a mutable work in progress, with different musicians joining in on subsequent releases supported by a ‘core band’. The album also features the versatile Mark Brzezicki on drums.

’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ takes a different direction in prog from the debut album ‘Invisible Din’ by utilising classic progressive experimentation, a hallmark of the early progressive rock bands and the general theme of the ESP 2.0 project with fluidity and innovation at the foundation. It follows that further releases will also align to this standard.

Working with Peter Coyle in production at the label has involved a creative genesis of ideas; Peter Coylehe was recently described as ‘one of the most under-rated singer/songwriters in the UK’ and is not only a prolific, passionate vocalist and lyricist but an original artist. His ethos and that of Sunn Creative are similar involving dedicated professionalism and ethics aligned with the exploration of the ongoing process of creativity and its many manifestations.

In February 2018, Peter Coyle was signed to the Sunn Creative label/ESP 2.0 Project and we couldn’t be more delighted. ’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ is released 20/04/2018.

making music is the deepest part of our lives…it takes just over a second for the light from the moon to reach us…it takes a lifetime to share the wonder of that with others…and that is what we feel we have done with ’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT‘” – Peter Coyle

For more on the history of ESP 2.0

ESP 2.0 – ‘22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’- Released 20th April 2018

The new collaboration between Tony Lowe (guitarist/composer/producer) vocalist Peter Coyle (ex-Lotus Eaters) and Mark Brzezicki (Big Country) on drums.

Peter Coyle, who was recently described as ‘one of the most under-rated singer/songwriters in the UK’ has now joined forces with renowned composer/producer Tony Lowe and ace session drummer Mark Brzezicki to release ’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ on 20th April 2018.

making music is the deepest part of our lives…it takes just over a second for the light from the moon to reach us…it takes a lifetime to share the wonder of that with others…and that is what we feel we have done with ’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT‘” – Peter Coyle

Indie and Prog – 2017 News

Some quotes from Sunn Creative’s Tony Lowe in this article by Sid Smith on DGM Live website

King Crimson May 16, 1969 at the Marquee ClubLowe & Fleming – The Collection

3 Albums, 39 Songs with over 200 minutes of music plus a free download of ‘Shadowbird’ [Remastered], by Tony Lowe

‘Inspiring and original, melodic and heartfelt songs delivered with a unique style…timeless music and lyrics that touch the soul’

Indie and Prog – 2016 News

Lowe & Brzezicki’s ESP

2016 sees the release of Tony Lowe and Mark Brzezicki’s ESP album project – Invisible Din’. Joining them as Special Guests on the album are; David Jackson, David Cross, John Young, Steve Gee, Phil Spalding, John Beagley, Alison Fleming, Yumi Hara, & Pat Orchard  – set  for an 11/11/ 2016 release. PURCHASE THE ALBUM.

Further updates and pictures can also be found on the ESP Facebook Page.  View the Promo Video.

David Cross Band

Sunn Creative produced two videos for The David Cross Band featuring ‘Starfall’ – and ‘SIGN OF THE CROW’ from their new album ‘Sign of the Crow’ (release date 5th August 2016 on Noisy Records). Looking forward to the live launch gig in August!

2015 News

Sunn Creative Producer Tony Lowe interviewed on CODIGO – CDMX Radio, Mexico. Podcast here  – “Platicamos con el músico y productor británico Tony Lowe, ex integrante de la banda Bram Stoker y colaborador de grandes figuras del rock progresivo como David Cross y Robert Fripp.”

Sunn Creative announces the release of Chris Gray’s debut album ‘Diamonds In Your Tree’

Read about Chris Gray in the July issue of Acoustic Magazine and others.

Starless Starlight by David Cross & Robert Fripp, co-produced by Tony Lowe, available now!

David Cross interviewed in Classic Rock describing the creation of Starless Starlight; “Then I spent so long in developing these that they only really came into focus when Tony Lowe came into the project as a co-producer to help bring it all together. You can get so locked into music that you can’t see the wood for the trees. Thankfully, Tony saved me from myself. What I was aiming for was music that was warm yet dark. Something that drew you in, yet also had a certain distance. I think that’s what you hear.” Sunn Creative Producer – Tony Lowe (co-producer of Starless Starlight) –  Continued

Cross & Fripp

Starless Starlight, by David Cross and Robert FrippStarless Starlight by David Cross & Robert Fripp and co-produced by Tony Lowe, is out now! Find out more aboutStarless Starlight’, Creativity, and King Crimson in this Interview with David Cross  or view the promo video below.

Andrew Keeling reviews the album along with a musical analysis here; Sid Smith’s take on the album.

“As a result, this extraordinary collaboration between Fripp and KC alumnus David Cross serves as a gorgeous salute to the most emotionally potent refrain in the band’s history.” Read more in PROG (Issue 56 June 2015).

“A beautiful and unexpected collision of Violins and Soundscapes”. Available at Burning Shed.

“But whatever it’s all about, this is unquestionably one of the most beautiful violin albums I’ve ever come across, and one of the best albums so far this year.” Excellent review of the album here.

“Nocturne and back again: CRIMSO classic makes a stellar return.” – Let It Rock

“Crimson mainman Robert and ex-member David to launch album based on 1974 track” -PROG

The launch concert for the album took place at the Bedford in London on the 26th May. Sunn Creative will be producting a documentary on the launch concert featuring David Cross (King Crimson), David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator), Yumi Hara and Tony LoweREVIEW HERE.

Here is a brand new half hour documentary featuring David Cross, Tony Lowe, ex-Van Der Graff Generator’s David Jackson and Yumi Hara as they prepared for last week’s Starless Starlight album launch party.

Chris Gray

MaverickDiamonds In Your TreeChris Gray’s debut album, ‘Diamonds In Your Tree’ was released April 6th, 2015 in CD Digipak & Digital. Chris creates heartfelt folk melodies with dynamic Britpop overtones and engaging lyrics and in the past has been compared to the likes of Noel Gallagher, Elliott Smith, John Power, James Taylor and The Beatles. Chris’ influences range from Fleetwood Mac to Ray Lamontagne, Otis Redding to The La’s.

On April 1st, Chris Gray (accompanied by producer, Tony Lowe) made an appearance on the Robert Elms Show BBC Radio London 94.9, where he had a chat with RoTony Lowe - Robert Elms - Chris Gray bert and played his new single, ‘She Loves The Morning’ live. Playlist

New review in Maverick – “Diamonds In Your Tree has an ethereal, dreamy ambiance across the 11 tracks. It really is quite addictive and would be almost impossible to compare it. Pretty much out there on its own in style, with oodles of class on top.” See more of Simon Redley’s 4 star review in the May/June issue.

An excerpt from the Faeta review of Chris’s new album Diamonds In Your Tree -“Chris Gray has clearly got some chops. On the evidence of this first album, he’s got some damned fine songs as well…if you want to wrap your ears around some quality songwriting that will lift your heart as well as your eyebrows, you could do far worse than seek out this album.” – Nick Churchill

From the opening track from the debut album, Diamonds In Your Tree, from Isle of Man singer-songwriter Chris Gray, his distinct blend of contemporary indie (think Ocean Colour Scene or The Las) and acoustic pop (in the manner of Elliott Smith) makes an indelible impression on the listener. Not least because he’s clever enough to add just a soupcon of Beatles and Donovan flavours to create an attractive recipe.” More from – Steve Caseman – R2Chris Gray Acoustic & R2

“…a smart debut albumRock Society May-June 15…great to stick on and ease away the day’s ups and downs…an essential.” MH – Full ReviewRock Society

Pick up the March/April 2015 issues of Acoustic Magazine and R2 RockNReel where Chris Gray songs are featured on their cover-mounted CDs – “…his distinct blend of contemporary indie (think Ocean Colour Scene or The Las) and acoustic pop (in the manner of Elliot Smith) makes an indelible impression on the listener.”-R2

Chris Gray on BBC Radio 2 – Dermot O’Leary Show Sat, 21st of Feb. Currently his new EP and Album is receiving airplay on a number of UK stations, including UK Country Radio and playlisted on Radio 2XSBristol GLR Soundlab and Manx Radio.

Chris Gray’s new single ‘She Loves The Morning’ can be heard on numerous stations including BBC Newcastle, BBC-Tees, Radio 2XS, Blast AM, BCfm.