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Wow. Music the way they used to make it. Soaring guitars, intricate melodies, meaningful lyrics; have they all gone into hibernation? Died an untimely death? One might be tempted to think so. Fortunately, with ‘reflector’, Tony Lowe’s latest offering, they gloriously resurface in nothing less than a miniature musical tour de force.
Full review by Brian Talgo

“’reflector’…Simply stunning. Precise and soulful guitar playing accompanies nine immaculately crafted songs. A captivating listening experience from a true musical genius.“ Alison Porter

Reflector is a delightful new album in the tradition of thought-provoking, musically-rich pop groups such as The Waterboys and World Party, and reaching back to psychedelic bands such as Pink Floyd and King Crimson. Highlights of this outstanding set include the catchy opening track “Reasons,” the driving, existential piece, “The Grand Illusion,” the uplifting “Fly with Angels,” and the emotionally intense, “Change of Heart.” Paul Halpern – “Physicist and Writer” (Amazon Review)

“Tony Lowe’s newest CD, Reflector, is one of those rare gems that grabs you from the first listen and doesn’t let you go. It is a collection of lush, rich melodies that evoke the heyday of great 70s prog rock in its attention to detail and musicianship, and yet remains modern and fresh. The lyrics are positive and manage to fill the listener with optimism and hope for the future. My favourite time to listen to this CD is during my walks to and from the gym- for the two half-hours it takes to get there and back, I am energized by the powerful words spoken and by the vibrancy of the music. Whether transported to the soft landscapes in “Meet Me On the Hillside” or just taking in the peaceful messages in “Fly With Angels”, this is a meeting of remarkable poetry with music that stays with you after you’ve put the earphones down.Anne-Marie Klein – “Author”

*all tracks written, composed, arranged, played on by Tony Lowe except – ‘Fly with Angels’ – co-written with Alison Fleming and ‘Mirror to Mirror’ – co-written with Lisa Tenzin-Dolma.

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