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Alison Fleming

Alison grew up in an RAF family that later settled in Yorkshire. Her mother a school teacher and business woman who read music and played classical piano. Her father a fighter pilot who loved Dixieland and at some time played piano and sang in the air force Jazz band. Piano lessons were a family staple.

As a child Alison found it easy to write stories and poems and won essay and poetry competitions.

In her 20’s while working in publishing she found a new passAlison Flemingion in songwriting and aimed for a job as a writer the music industry. Sending rough demos out to labels in the UK resulted in many positive responses with some suggesting the tracks be put into better shape.

The ensuing search for a producer led Alison to meet Tony Lowe who offered to record some of her songs (1980s). This collaboration generated active A & R interest, which sparked further collaboration between the two and ultimately a songwriting partnership.

Alison Fleming ©Madeleine Thour PhotographyIn the early 1990s Alison took the opportunity to perform some of her material in regional pubs and clubs, which helped draw attention to her as a singer songwriter and vocalist.

Alison’s material takes from life and personal experience and is lit by her imagination. Her compositions are intuitive, heartfelt, often dramatic and intense. Lyrics can be candid and some are narrative yet she is apt to hang her hat on ambiguity and its conflicting quirks leaving the doors open for interpretation.

Alison moved to the States in 1995 and continues to write and record in her Studio at home in Missouri. Visit her website.

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