isotopePeter Coyle & Tony Lowe as ’22 LAYERS’ – release ‘isotope’ on the 21st of May, 2021. 

“Oh, my goodness; that’s gorgeous!” – Review by Rob Fisher in The Progressive Aspect

isotope is evocative, sensual modern rock/prog rock  with melodic overtones and a healthy portion of grit. Peter Coyle’s poetic lyrics and heartfelt vocals coupled with Tony Lowe’s innovative arrangements and unmistakable guitar create a unique soundscape throughout the nine track album, which also includes the remastered single, ‘Travelling alone’ (2020)

The limited edition CD and Digital album are available on Bandcamp – and the Digital album on iTunes Amazon and other outlets. Bandcamp orders come with a downloadable radio edit of the title track ‘isotope‘, only available as a digital download by purchasing on Bandcamp.

Album comments from fans:

… listening while typing this, lovely music amazing vocals great cd.” – Ian Jackson
Beautiful album. Superb vocals and great guitar parts.” – Patrick Chiodelli
It’s truly a beautiful album, I love it.” – Owen Uglow
Fantastic album, every track is a corker.” – Paul Edwards
Love the album, brilliant one to add to the collection, and unlike some artists ,every cd or download is individually superb.” – John Paine

Blue sky volcano comments from fans:

“Simply beautiful track which leaves you floating behind in its wake xx” – John Barry
“Great song!! Great album!!” – Steven Small
“Since its Release on heavy Rotation. Great vocalist, very relaxing music. Favorite track: blue sky volcano.” – Boris Stalf

Music Press – DJ comments – Interviews – Reviews

“The album audition is a rewarding 50 minute experience, highly recommended. On May 21, a new work by the duo 22 Layers, formed by Peter Coyle and Tony Lowe, called ¨Isotope¨, was released. Both artists are veterans of the rock world in music composition and production. This is their first ¨long run¨, since the debut of 22 Layers took place in 2020 with an E.P. called ¨Loaded¨. And it really is a pleasure to listen to them. ¨Isotope¨ is composed of 9 very well inspired melodies, personalized by the pleasant voice of Peter Coyle, who makes his mark on the album, in the midst of a beautiful instrumental environment created by multi-instrumentalist Tony Lowe. The album audition is a rewarding 50 minute experience, highly recommended. – ConOpusSINFOMUSIC Portal

isotope – a stunning collection of songs … absolutely entrancing … music to luxuriate in, sonically and lyrically. A triumphant collaboration.” Full Review – Andrew Cottrell – Background Magazine

“Oh, my goodness; that’s gorgeous!”Review by Rob Fisher in The Progressive Aspect

isotope … poetic and contemplative … both by the music of Tony Lowe but also by the willingly surrealist lyrics of Peter Coyle … a sweetness of harmonies, sensuality of melodies and delicacy of arrangements.”Full Review – Pierre/Prog CritiqueEnglish Translation

A wonderful article about Liverpool artists featuring Peter Coyle.

Getting my first listen to the thoroughly captivating new album ‘Isotope’ from 22 Layers – Peter Coyle & Tony Lowe due for release on the 21st May via Sunn Creative. Gorgeous musical vistas filled with absorbing melodies, beautiful instrumental textures and an engrossing diversity of carefully crafted transitions. My thanks to Cheryl Stringall for the early access: hugely appreciated.”- Rob Fisher – Collaborator, Progressive Discoveries at Prog-Watch, Reviewer at Progradar and Reviewer, News Editor at The Progressive Aspect

Once again 22 Layers have raised the bar, this new release ‘Isotope’ is just wonderful from the opening bars to the closing notes. It’s an album to grace any collection!!!” Garry Foster WCR FM

Catch an informative and entertaining chat between the host, Garry Foster, & both Tony Lowe & Peter Coyle on the Prog Rock Files Show – 22 Layers Hour Long Interview/Album Special – Thursday 20th May – 10pm-Midnight
Prog Mill FeatureWCR FM, on Tune In Radio, Smart Speaker And Online at wcrfm.com

Thank you Shaun Geraghty for featuring the ‘superb’ track equinox from isotope by 22  Layers on the Prog Mill 16th May 2021.

Thank you to Chris Currie for featuring isotope on 17th May – “a fabulous album … another musical canvas lyrically painted by Peter Coyle over rich textures by Tony Lowe.” Chris Currie at Mersey Radio 

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Travelling alonePeter Coyle & Tony Lowe22 Layers – release ‘Travelling alone’ on the 23rd of October, 2020 to all digital outlets. This will be followed by an album release early next year. A ‘B’ side, ‘no sugar on the stairs’ is also available through Bandcamp.

Reactions to ‘Travelling alone’:beautiful’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘so calming in this time of loneliness’, ‘beautiful melody…a real dreamscape…Just how perfect and beautiful is this!!’ ‘So beautifully sung and I’m loving the guitars and the gentleness of the song!! Just stunning!’…’Very mellow, one for playing when in the bath with the candles on…’

Janice LongThank you to Janice Long for playing the “utterly gorgeous” (JL) ‘Travelling alone‘ on her BBC Radio Wales show. As well as the continued support from Shuan Geraghty at Progzilla Radio, Chris Currie at Mersey Radio, and Garry Foster at WCR FM.

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‘LoAdeD Video by String’ – Music by 22 Layers – Peter Coyle & Tony Lowe

Their first EP – LoAdeD (three songs and one remix) released on 3rd of July, 2020, is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other digital outlets.

In 2018 Peter and Tony worked together on the top-reviewed ’22 Layers of Sunlight’ prog album as part of the ESP Project. The ’22 Layers’ project expands their production and writing into a more experimental, alternative rock area.

Thank you to Chris Currie at Mersey Radio for featuring the album as well as Garry Foster at WCR FM for playing tracks. Listen to Chris’s show on Mixcloud.

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Peter Coyle, is a dynamic performer, composer, producer and lyricist with a sultry voice and delivery, best known for his work in the Lotus Eaters and the worldwide hit ‘The First Picture of You’ as well as a number of other notable collaboratioPeter Coyle - Tony Lowens with many artists including Paul Humphries and Mal Holmes (OMD), Martyn Ware, John Murphy (film composer Danny Boyle) Toyah, Paul Morley, and the Lightning Seeds. In 1987, Coyle won the US Billboard Album of the Year for his critically acclaimed solo album ‘A Slap in the Face for Public Taste’.  

Tony Lowe, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer is known for his production work on a number of well-known prog projects such as the ESP Project, and Crossover (Cross & Banks), Starless Starlight (Cross and Fripp) as well as many other rock and alternative rock albums. He also composes, produces and plays guitar and keyboards on the ESP Project albums. He previously played guitar with Roger Daltrey, Simon Townshend, Julian Lennon, Modern English and Pet Shop Boys among many others. 

From ’22 Layers of Sunlight’ – “…it’s good to see Lowe and Coyle with their own agenda and what they do on their own terms…” Powerplay

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