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‘three’ Official Album Promo by ESP Project


’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ Official Album Promo by ESP 2.0


‘god of denial – the code – algorithm’ by ESP 2.0


‘Invisible Din’ Official Album Promo by ESP 2.0


‘SIGN OF THE CROW’ by David Cross Band


‘Starfall’ by David Cross Band


‘Starless Starlight Loops’ by David Cross and Robert Fripp


‘She Loves The Morning’, from ‘Diamonds In Your Tree’ by Chris Gray.


‘The Visitor’, from ‘Human Sleeping – Dreams 1 to 8’ by Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming


‘Mystery’, from the Human Sleeping album by Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming.


Bram Stoker – extracts from the new album ‘Cold Reading’.
55 minutes of Classic Prog at its finest – 2014.


Official Video for ‘reflector’ by Tony Lowe


‘Forever And A Day’ from the CD ‘Looking Out Looking In’. Location and live footage by String.Video shot for the Simon Townshend Secret Weapon Tour with Simon, Tony Lowe, Phil Spalding and Greg Pringle at the lovely location of Portmeirion Village.