Lowe & Fleming

Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming – The Collection

The Collection3 Albums, 39 Songs with over 200 minutes of music.

‘Inspiring and original, melodic and heartfelt songs delivered with a unique style…timeless music and lyrics that touch the soul’

Guitarist, Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist Tony Lowe and Singer-Songwriter Alison Fleming have released three albums since 2005 and received much critical acclaim for their work together over the years. Alison’s clear water voice and unique style of lyric writing is a perfect addition to some incredible music and production from Tony. Their music spans a variety of moods and textures, from Prog rock to Orchestral to Rock & Acoustic. ‘Human Sleeping’, the third album, follows two well received, critically acclaimed albums; ‘All of the Above’ (concept album) & ‘Second Nature’, together balloted for 14 Grammys.

Human Sleeping

This evocative album has a ghostly beauty, woven throughout by Tony Lowe’s distinctive and heartfelt guitar with overlays of Alison’s sublime ‘clear-water’ vocals and eclectic lyrics.It’s mysterious, dreamlike atmospheric prog with strong melodies, provocative intent, and a pervasive message of hope.

Guitarist, producer Tony Lowe and Singer-songwriter Alison Fleming have once again joined forces for a new album. ‘Human Sleeping’, their third collaboration, released July, 1st 2014. ‘Human Sleeping’ follows two well received, critically acclaimed albums, balloted for the Grammys in 14 categories.

“Tony Lowe/Alison Fleming’s Human Sleeping Dreams 1 To 8, on Sunn Creative, 1 July. Think Pink Floyd go trance.” Record Collector

“This album reminded me of the 90?s musical wave of bands like Enigma, Deep Forest and the Orb. Opener ‘Mystery’ really reminds you of these bands, as Alison’s vocals soar over the keyboards and programming. ‘Something’s Going On’ with the repetitive and rhythmic use of the vocals is another soothing song, but don’t go thinking this is nice background music as the guitars of Tony Lowe recall Mike Oldfield. A really enjoyable listen and one to keep coming back to.“ Jason Ritchie – GRTR

“The prog-de-resistance here is the 11 minute ‘The Dream Corridor’ …If Steve Hogarth was female and Marillion went a bit new age, it may well sound like this.“ David Randall – Review at Get Ready to Rock