2014 – Early 2015

Human Sleeping by Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming2014 was an eventful year with two releases; the critically reviewed ‘Cold Reading‘ by Bram Stoker, with over 23 brilliant industry reviews, and the ambient prog album, ‘Human Sleeping’ by Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming. Both well received by listeners and radio alike.

Meanwhile Chris Gray has been gigging steadily, getting ready for a busy 2015. This year he supported Matt Cardle and John Power as well as headlining a number of shows while recording his debut album, ‘Diamonds In Your Tree’; release April 2015.Bram Stoker - Cold Reading

We have exciting plans going forward for the label and a number of new releases in 2015, starting off with Chris Gray’s new digital EP as part of the ‘Diamonds In Your Tree’ spring campaign. His album will be released April 2015.

Our collaborations with David Cross (King Crimson) in a number of areas resulted in a completed video in support of David and Robert Fripp’s new Album, ‘Starless Starlight’ (a Tony Lowe co-production). Tony is also working with David on a new collaboration and Sunn Creative produced a related documentary – See below. All to be released in  2015.

We have a number of projects on the go; one being the forthcoming ‘esp’ album project which will involve contributions by various name musicians.

Sunn Creative would like to thank the music lovers,  radio stations, reviewers, customers, fans, artists, photographers, and friends who have supported our music releases in 2014 (and earlier) and who have written us, and the artists with their support and comments.


Human Sleeping

Human Sleeping Digipak

Human SleepingDreams 1 to 8′  – the stunning new album from Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming – out July 1, 2014!

This evocative album has a ghostly beauty, woven throughout by Tony Lowe’s distinctive and heartfelt guitar with overlays of Alison’s sublime ‘clear-water’ vocals and eclectic lyrics.

It’s mysterious, dreamlike atmospheric prog with strong melodies, provocative intent, and a pervasive message of hope.

Reviews and Pre-Ordering special – a link to the free, exclusive – MP3 Download of ‘Drifting Over’ by Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming HERE.

‘Mystery’, from the Human Sleeping album.

‘The Visitor’, from the Human Sleeping album.


55 Minutes of Pure Prog

Bram Stoker


With over 22 excellent reviews in the music industry press – Bram Stoker’s ‘Cold Reading’ is a must for those fans of classic-symphonic-gothic prog. See a recap of reviews below – Digital purchases here.

PROG January 2014“It’s all rather beautiful in a gothic way…still symphonic but warmer and more assured – suggests they’ve much to offer the prog revival.” Full review in January 2014 issue of PROG.

“BRAM STOKER are back for another bite! – illusion weavers return to find their old glory and find the devil in the spectacular detail…The cold reading technique – which is an art in itself – demands attention as does this psyche-searching, and soothing, alEuro Rock Pressbum. Hopefully, given the band’s current strength, it’s a new beginning, and there’ll be more.”Let It Rock

“Wow! One of my favorite albums of the year already….This album must be experienced to be fully appreciated. I have attempted to capture the spirit, but only hearing it yourself will truly register the dynamic power of this album.” Read this excellent, detailed review by Mark Johnson at Sea of Tranquility and his  interview with Tony Lowe and Tony Bronsdon on the Bram Stoker project.

“The thing that’s makes this album slightly unusual is that band are allowed to show off their musical ability by including five tracks with vocals and five instrumental tracks” continued…”demonstrating that this trio of musicians are supremely talented and deserve every ounce of success.” Continued – Metal Talk

“This is a very enjoyable album, with well constructed songs and great guitar finesse…this may have been an exceptionally long time in coming, but it is worthwhile none-the-less.” – Guitar Techniques

“Another striking feature of the album is that the quality is maintained throughout….it will appeal to anyone schooled in early 1970s prog (or early 1980s prog come to that) who likes a bit of Hammond organ in their music. For a man of my tastes, ‘Cold Reading’ is an unmitigated pleasure; a surprise and a joy.”  – More at Uber Rock

Classic Rock‘“Cold Reading” is an amazing achievement – right down to its psychedelic occult Crowley-esque album cover – given I can’t think of any authentic band from that era who are still playing true to that early style…Bram Stoker have unfinished business and this time the prog world should be rocked to its foundations…this is hardcore prog by the original purveyors of it!’ Read the rest of this review at Battle Helm

New review of Cold Reading up in the April 2014 issue of ROCK SOCIETY.

“Their take on neo-prog is both flamboyant and melodic” – Classic Rock 

FOR JAPANESE FRIENDS: New interview of Tony Bronsdon and Tony Lowe in Euro Rock Press – Vol. 61

FOR POLISH FRIENDS: Thank you Artur Chachlowski for the airplay of ‘Cold Reading’ on MLWZ and this excellent review of the album – translation – Bram Stoker Review.

FOR GERMAN FRIENDS: Many thanks to Jurgen Meurer for his review in Empire Magazine No. 104 and his review in Babyblaue-Seiten – translation here.

ClassixFOR ITALIAN FRIENDS: An interview with Tony Bronsdon and Tony Lowe by Eduardo Vitolo in il Mondo Di Edu  and a new review in CLASSIX METAL & CLASSIX! Magazines by Eduardo Vitolo


“That said this is from the decidedly more melodic/ symphonic keyboard led end of the proggy scale (think Alan Parsons or Camel) but, probably because they were there at the get-go, it also sounds incredibly authentic, like the 1974 follow up that never was.”  – TM Online

“The original member Tony Bronsdon (keys) and guitarist Tony Lowe have fashioned a contemporary sounding album whilst still respectful of their heritage…The album is a really good listen and errs on the gentle but persuasive side of prog with a mix of instrumentals and vocal tracks, just like that debut…Prog fans will really appreciate the subtle nuances, and the excellent vocals of new recruit Will Hack (who also plays drums).”  – Get Ready to ROCK!

“BRAM STOKER is an interesting band from the Early British Progressive Rock Movement (like JULIAN’S TREATMENT, GRACIOUS, FANTASY, RARE BIRD, etc.) featuring great Hammond organ work and fiery electric guitar play. The climates often have dark overtones.”  – Free Prog Rock FB Page

“Just in case you missed them first time around (and you did), they’ve re-recorded a couple of oldies in the shape of ‘Fast Decay’ and ‘Fingal’s Cave’, and it says a lot for the new tunes that you can’t see the join. If you’re looking for a marker, then imagine Genesis had been formed by the Artful Doger and his mates, rather than a bunch of posh boys. There’s grit in them grooves. A stunner of an album, and one of the best prog records you’ll hear all year.”The Rocker

“Pleasant and engaging prog that veers between mid-era Genesis (before they went too far down the pop road) and classic neBram Stoker - Cold Readingo-prog with layers and layers of more subtle, yet rich, synths complimented by some lovely guitar flourishes and a vocal performance that is not too dissimilar to Mr. Collins in places.” – Powerplay Magazine

“With Cold Reading you have an album that the classic prog purists will be salivating over with its mix of timeless movements and traditionally styled songs successfully captivating your attention as its mix of sweeping sounds envelops you with its carefully blended mix of synth based sounds, perfectly recreating that original progressive sound from all those years ago.” – Firebrand – Issue No. 15 

German review in Babyblaue-Seiten – translation here.

“Utilising a clever mix of instrumental and vocally driven tunes increases the infatuation throughout the album’s ten songs…” Mass Movement Magazine

“Just heard the trailer for the new and long-overdue Bram Stoker album. The clarity of production is first class, clear and crisp, and very welcome given modern-day electro-gimmickry, little of which I expect to find when listening to the complete works. These guys have created a warm, positive soundscape to match an interesting variety of new tracks. Music from the heart, the prog influence is there for all to hear and this is no bad thing. Great sounds from a band of talented musicians who I’d personally love to see perform the album live.” Dave Dyment – UK

“Wow super impressive, sounds like you’re definitely hitting the sweet spot there! Definitely an exciting and inspirational modern rebirth of the genre.” Miklos Power – Australia

“This is first class prog at its best!” Nick Katona President – Melodic Revolution Records

Bram Stoker Tracks are being played on the following radio stations:

THE ROCK SHOW  PLAYLIST Heard On: Trent Sound (Nottingham) – Sine FM 102.6 (Doncaster) – Severn FM 107 (Gloucester) – The Voice (North Devon) United FM – Atlantic Radio UK – Voice Of Peace (Israel) – More Music Radio 97.1 (Spain) – Radio Shamal (Italy) – Radio FML – YouthFeverRadio (Aruba)


Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming

Tony Lowe & Alison FlemingGuitarist, producer Tony Lowe and Singer-songwriter Alison Fleming have once again joined forces for a new album project. ‘Human Sleeping’, their third collaboration, follows two well received and critically acclaimed albums, balloted for the Grammys in 14 categories.

This evocative album has a ghostly beauty, woven through-out by Tony Lowe’s distinctive and heartfelt guitar with overlays of Alison’s sublime ‘clear-water’ vocals and eclectic lyrics.

Genres: Atmospheric Prog, Alternative Rock, Ethereal Wave

Like: Alan Parson’s Project, Kate Bush, Moody Blues, Jon Anderson, Delerium

“Electric Friends in San Francisco” – Simon Townshend Webcast

*UpdateThis stream can now be seen here on Yahoo Music.

Tony Lowe, along with Scott Devours (drums) and Dave Beste (bass) will be playing on Simon Townshend’s streaming webcast filmed at TRI Studios in San Francisco area (owned by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead) this Sunday the 25th of Nov at 6:00 pm PST.

It all kicked off at 6:30pm PST/9:30 ET. Here are instructions for setting up your Roku Channel – computer- game console – to TV for better viewing. For those in Europe and the UK who will not be awake at 2:30am -it will be available afterwards as well.

Due to overwhelming demand Simon Townshend’s FREE stream from TRI Studios will be broadcast once again for UK/Europe fans on Sunday Dec 2nd 7:30pmGMT/11:30amPST.

TRI Studios

TRI Studios

Tony Lowe flew into San Francisco in September to record at the amazing TRI Studios as part of Simon Townshend’s band with additional members Scott Devours and Dave Beste. The first video, streamed on September 18th, is just a taster as more will be released alongside The Who’s upcoming Quadrophenia Tour. The band received a great reaction at TRI Studios and fit in an appearance on the Saturday night at The Boom Boom Room in San Francisco playing to an animated and exctited crowd. Back in the UK, the band performs just four more shows this year. Next up is the Looe Festival in Cornwall on Sunday 23rd September. The Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden, London on the 28th and two dates in Wales in December; The Factory in Porth on the 20th and Portmeirion on the 21st. See Simon’s Gig Page.

Tony is back in the studio to finish the recording of a new project, just signed to the Sunn Creative label.

From the TRI website:

”Tamalpais Research Institute (TRI Studios) is the state of the art, world-class video streaming venue and recording facility created by legendary Grateful Dead founding member, and 1994 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Bob Weir. This visionary, one-of-a-kind virtual venue provides music fans with unparalleled access to their favorite artists, allowing them to enjoy intimate, live performances in the comfort of their own homes, or anywhere they have Internet access.”

Video no longer available through this medium.

Simon Townshend’s Secret Weapon Tour

We’ve been busy on Simon Townshend’s Secret Weapon Tour; Tony Lowe playing lead guitar, Phil Spalding on bass, Greg Pringle on drums with guest appearances by Roger Daltrey and Mark Brzezicki and more to come. Here is a link to a couple of videos, one, ‘Make It’, shot and edited by Cheryl Stringall and ‘Electric Friend’ shot by Cheryl Stringall at the Nags Head in High Wycombe and edited by Simon. The music has been well received and a review of the tour and Simon’s new CD, ‘Looking Out Looking In’ can be found here.

It was a real pleasure to meet Roger again backstage at Ropetackle, and it’s always good to see Mark!

Simon and Co. put on a dynamic, energy charged show with an excellent set list and top of the line musicianship.

Tony Lowe, Greg Pringle, Roger Daltrey, Simon Townshend, Phil Spalding

Tony Lowe, Greg Pringle, Roger Daltrey, Simon Townshend, Phil Spalding at Ropetackle, Shoreham

The Band with Mark Brzezicki

Simon Townshend, Phil Spalding & Tony Lowe with Mark Brzezicki at the Tropic Ruislip

Tony Lowe on Simon Townshend’s Tour

Tony is playing guitar and keyboards on Simon Townshend’s SECRET WEAPON TOUR in 2012. Some of the dates have been changed, new dates below.

Due to last minute and unforeseen changed in Roger Daltrey’s schedule, a number of SIMON TOWNSHEND 2012 UK Tour dates needed to be rescheduled. Below is a revised list of dates and venues. Additional details and updates will be added to each as soon as we have them.


(we will be updating info, ticket links, etc as we go along)

Feb 16 – The Yardbirds Club – Grimsby
Feb 17 – The Riverside – Newcastle
Feb 18 –  Leeds / Manchester
Feb 19 – The Greystones – Sheffield
Feb 23 – Esquires – Bedford
Feb 24 – Mr Kyps – Poole
Feb 25 – The Nags Head – High Wycombe
Feb 26 – The Riga Music Bar – Southend
Feb 29 – Ropetackle – Shoreham
Mar 01 – Mama Stones – Exeter
Mar 02 – Devonport Guildhall – Plymouth
Mar 03 – The Ritz – Penzance
Mar 04 – The Old Grammar School – Truro
Mar 07 – The Eel Pie Club – Twickenham
Mar 16 – The Queens Hall – Nuneaton
Mar 17 – The Tropic – Ruislip
Mar 27 – The Fleece – Bristol
Mar 28 – Portmerion Village
Mar 29 – The Vic – Swindon
Mar 25 – The Milton Rooms – Malton – THIS DATE POSTPONED – new date TBA