Simon Townshend, Tony Lowe, Phil Spalding & Mark Brzezicki at The Half Moon, Putney

Sound Check

Simon Townshend

We had a brilliant night watching Simon Townshend, Tony Lowe, Phil Spalding and MaSimon, Tony and Charlie Chan Watching... rk Brzezicki at The Half Moon in Putney on Friday 29th January, 2016. What a great line-up in support of Independent Venue Week and the launch of Simon’s label, STIR Records.

Simon’s crew had a couple of photographers present, so I was able to Tony Lowestand and watch the show (and sing along). I did get some photos at the sound check which can be viewed here and on Tony Lowe’s Facebook, but had a wonderful time listening to the music and watching – the gig was intense, they scorched the venue!

There is often a feeling of ‘family’ at Simon’s gigs with the band, not only because family is present but also due to fans who are, for the most part, pleasant, excited and dedicated. Had a great time meeting a number of people, made some new friends and got to see others I hadn’t connected with in years. I was able to meet online Facebook friends and put names to familiar faces. All in all, a great night for everyone!

Phil SpaldingSimon-Tony-Mark Mark Brzezicki




Have a look at Alan Barne’s photos, Charlie Chan’s blog and photos, and Simon’s take on the night. Many thanks to Jody Linscott for allowing us to use her photos as well (black & white photo at top & photo below) – String

Phil, Mark, Simon, Tony