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solstice sale

Sunn Creative Solstice Sale!

3 Offers from Folk Rock to Ambient Prog

Chris Gray – Diamonds In Your Tree & Don’t Lose Your Way (1 CD & 1 EP – £6+P&P)

Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming – The Collection (3 CDs – £12+P&P)

Dream of the Gryllidae by Tony Lowe & Yumi Hara (1 CD – £4+P&P)


*Limited to items in stock

ESP - Invisible Din CD

Official Release of Tony Lowe & Mark Brzezicki’s ESP

‘Invisible Din’


ESP - ‘Invisible Din’ can be Ordered for £12 + £2 Shipping in the UK and £12 + £4 Shipping Worldwide (Non-UK) The album comes as a 6 panel Digi-Pak with a 16 page lyrics booklet – shrink-wrapped. Important! – If you are ordering via PayPal make sure your delivery address is on the order. We have received a number of orders without a delivery address.

ESP Invisible Din

UK Orders – £12 – Including shipping of £2 on orders of 1 CD.

World Orders (Non-UK) – £12 – Including shipping of £4 on orders of 1 CD.


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