Human Sleeping

HUMAN SLEEPINGRelease: July 1st – 2014

Genres: Atmospheric Prog, Alternative Rock, Ethereal Wave Like: Alan Parson’s Project, Kate Bush, Moody Blues, Jon Anderson, Delerium, Orb, Deep Forest, Mike Oldfield

Guitarist, producer Tony Lowe and Singer-songwriter Alison Fleming have once againTony Lowe and Alison Fleming joined forces for a new album. ‘Human Sleeping’, their third collaboration, due for a 1st July 2014 release. ‘Human Sleeping’ follows two well received, critically acclaimed albums, balloted for the Grammys in 14 categories. Human Sleeping Press Release

A richly textured ambient, yet organic in terms of its natural feel… A dreamlike experience, so true to a real life, this album has a wide appeal.Let It Rock

Tony Lowe/Alison Fleming’s Human Sleeping Dreams 1 To 8, on Sunn Creative, 1 July. Think Pink Floyd go trance.Record Collector

This album reminded me of the 90’s musical wave of bands like Enigma, Deep Forest and the Orb. Opener ‘Mystery’ really reminds you of these bands, as Alison’s vocals soar over the keyboards and programming. ‘Something’s Going On’ with the repetitive and rhythmic use of the vocals is another soothing song, but don’t go thinking this is nice background music as the guitars of Tony Lowe recall Mike Oldfield. A really enjoyable listen and one to keep coming back to.Jason Ritchie – GRTR

The prog-de-resistance here is the 11 minute ‘The Dream Corridor’ …If Steve Hogarth was female and Marillion went a bit new age, it may well sound like this.“ David Randall – Review at Get Ready to Rock

Review at the Sea of Tranquility – “This is another great album for Tony Lowe. Alison Fleming’s voice is the perfect match for this dreamy music. Loads of positive energy flowing with every electric guitar chord laid down. Get this and experience an incredibly warm dream state.” Mark Johnson

‘The Visitor’, from ‘Human Sleeping – Dreams 1 to 8’.


HUMAN SLEEPING’ Best yet from Tony and Alison’s music mill. Something curiously honest about it; thoughtful, spiritual, energetic and engaging. Surprisingly powerful in the clever way it captures all that makes one tingle; a one stop shop for Prog-Rock ( and anyone that likes tingling for that matter!) A bit like having your drink ‘spiked’ but being very pleased with the outcome. I won’t be pressing charges over this one! If you’re searching for something comprehensively stimulating you’ll find yourself both exhausted and very satisfied, and in only eight tracks; the veritable ‘Swiss army knife’ of the genre. Well done all of you….again!Steve

“Gorgeous, dreamy atmosphere with outstanding musical quality” continued… Rivergirl

Tony’s magical talent with instruments shines brightly through the entire album, while Alison’s enchanting voice goes from strong and powerful to mystical and dreamy.” continued… Kyrielynn6Tony Lowe

One of the best new albums of 2014…the vocals on this album are wonderful, and the lyrics are refreshing.” continued… Waki

The music is elegant and original…shining away in the non-corporate, well-produced, indie world, a sublime journey akin to albums of old.” continuedString

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Tony Lowe, has worked with many UK prog artists over the years, recently co-wrote, played guitar and bass, and produced the well received album ‘Cold Reading’ by Bram Stoker and is currently in production of an album with David Cross (King Crimson). In ‘Human Sleeping’ Tony and Alison have created a dream soundscape – 8 Songs of 8 dreams, the music evoking strong visuals as the listener journeys through a dream landscape, perhaps best represented by the 12 minute long ‘Dream Corridor’ an experience reminiscent of falling down that famous rabbit hole.

This evocative album has a ghostly beauty, woven throughout by Tony Lowe’s distinctive and heartfelt guitar with overlays of Alison’s sublime ‘clear-water’ vocals and eclectic lyrics.

It’s mysterious, dreamlike atmospheric prog with strong melodies, provocative intent, and a pervasive message of hope.Alison Fleming ©Madeleine Thour Photography

Human Sleeping lends itself to a multi-media live event, or theatrical presentation, using screens and images to enhance the music.

Tracks from Human Sleeping are initially being featured on various radio programmes. In the UK: Jim Lawson’s show on Cuillin FM and The Prog Mill with Shaun Geraghty; Get Ready to Rock (Progressive Fusion Hours); Gerry Lee from Starship Overflow; Brian Dade and DJ Yorkie of AiiRadio and Prog Brittannia with Stacy Doller. In Germany, Progdependent and in the USA; at UIC Radio with John Rose – ‘Hidden Treasures of Rock N Roll’ and KOWS 107.3 fm – Soultree Sounds. In France on Radio Floyd’s Progressive Rock Station with Guy Geisert.

Many thanks to all the DJs out there supporting us and to Brian Dade at AiiRadio for a great live show with Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming on the 17th, now streaming here.

The first video, ‘Mystery’, from the Human Sleeping album.


All photos credit String – except Alison Fleming – credit Madeleine Thour Photography


“Human Sleeping”  Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming

Hauntingly beautiful, opening dream – soothing yet mystical, with subtle rhythmical changes. Tony Lowe’s expert instrumentation accompanying Alison’s pure, clear voice work together perfectly.

Alison’s vocal delivery changes for “Something’s Going On”: it becomes more powerful and compelling, with harmonious voices reinforcing the theme.

“Human Rising” starts with a relaxed rhythm, then develops with a joyous crashing and surging of instruments, reflecting the ebb and flow of the tide on shingle, and of human emotions awakening.

“Silent Spring” returns to a more gentle yet insistent tone, with the lyrics clearly audible: giving a warning, questioning life. A very poetic and compulsive song, with a thought-provoking pause before the final phrase of “silent spring”.

The almost nightmare-like words of “Falling”, with musical cadences enhancing the feeling of spiralling down, are softened by the dreamlike quality of Alison’s soothing voice and the episodes of music becoming wave-like, then sharp and intense. There is the sensation of falling in the dream, but the singer realises that in spite of her helplessness, it is a “happy falling”. A dream-like state I’m sure many have experienced.

“The Visitor” is mystifying, it has some of the abstract qualities of Walter de la Mare’s poem, “The Traveller (knocking on the moonlit door)”. The “language” is strange, the music and the singing become other-worldly, as if we’ve been transported to an alien planet, and the feeling is of apprehension, until the chorus reassures us.

Powerful drum beats move us on to “The Dream Corridor”, then doubt sets in again as we hear the lament, “I can’t move”; it is a journey that “haunts”, but in a strangely beautiful way. An abrupt change takes place, as “He starts to wash his hands”, before another mood takes over in the dream and it’s “too late”.

Drumming and distant voices propel us out of that phase of the dream and move us on to “Human Sleeping” with its delicate cadences of phrase, exuding a sense of safety and also of resolution – a peaceful dream state has been achieved. A perfect track for inducing both a relaxed and a rejuvenated state of mind.

The album is a triumph of professionalism: Tony’s instrumental arrangements, the lyrics, and Alison’s beautiful singing all complement each other. The CD is one to listen to when surrounded by peace and quiet, preferably with eyes shut, and no-one to interrupt, so the listener can be lulled into the dreams and escape for a while from reality.

~Delia Roberts , 11 November 2014

“Human Sleeping by Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming. Both Alison, my wife, and I loved the album and she described it as almost hypnotic in parts. Growing up with 70s music with multi layered synthesiser, echoing guitar and ethereal vocals, this album hit all the marks. It was like listening to early Pink Floyd, Yes and Greenslade all in one, almost mesmeric and with some excellent guitar work coming in over the top. Alison’s voice is perfect; it really sets off the music. Ethereal is about right, and her voice has a beautiful tone. I have not heard a voice like it since Diane Birch in Kokomo.” ~Ian and Alison Young


‘I bought it on Amazon. Loved it. Wonderful. Very Original. Very well done.’ ~ Dr. John V. Hugill, Dec 25th 2014.


“Relaxing and mystical. Recommended” ~Richard HallMystery


“Listening to Silent Spring, it reminds me of ‘The Experiment’ Kate Bush.” ~Tamzin Powell, 20 Oct 2014.


“One can’t miss the ethereal quality of the music on this album. I am new to the work of Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming but it only took a few minutes to be a convert! Alison’s unique and beautiful voice is perfect for the lyrics and the instrumental creativity of Tony Lowe; the combination is really something quite special. My favourite track is definitely Mystery. The sounds are touching and are perfect for a contemplative mood or quiet few moments.” ~Liz Tibbs, Somerset, England, 29th October 2014


“I recently obtained the new album “Human Sleeping” by Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming. I found the album excellent and very easy / good to listen too, the lyrics were great.” ~Derek Wannerton


“It was so good to listen to Alison’s gentle dreamy voice over the rich instrumental backing. My favourite track was Silent Spring, when the words echo and overlap. The end is especially memorable when the music stops and we just hear clearly the words, “Silent Spring” for the last time. Hope to hear more from this talented duo.” ~Anne Farrow  Tony Lowe


‘Wonderful backing music, would love to know where the seeds of growth began to produce the words.‘The message is clear that we are the creators of life everlasting. ‘Human Sleeping – Rising – Falling – ‘Who we are?

Is it a mystery?

We are living proof of miracles that are made in heaven, love dominates our expectations.

Something is going on!

We are governed by destructive forces, a new day dawns – searching the cosmos, discovering re-birth – we move forward pursuing the light of understanding or do we choose to be destroyed – Do we care? Re-birth proves our immortality. A web of intrigue surrounds our disbelief “Human’s Sleeping”, All people can be free – a reality of immortality. Wake up!’ ~Agnes Hall , 21 December 2014


“I got my CD, I LOVE it. I just didn’t realize what a beautiful voice Alison Fleming had until I played this here at home, and Tony Lowe is just a musical magician. This is the best album I’ve had in many, many years.” ~L. McCormack


“Such an intriguing song. The melody is wonderfully haunting and it gives me those wonderful goose bumps after hearing a fabulous song. Simply superb. The arrangement flows so well and Alison is a gem. To me its a very spiritual song. It makes me reflect upon my life and takes me back to a special place in my heart.” ~Adam Lindblom


“Majestic” ~Jim Lawson


“I just love this album. Some of the guitar work reminds me of One God of the guitar, Mr Steven Rothery of the biggest band to come out of Aylesbury, namely Marillion. The vocals are ghostly and powerful… (is that even able to happen at the same time) – Almost Clannad style. The whole album is amazing. You usually find at least one weak track on an album, but not on this one. Beautiful and complete. Thank you Tony and Alison.” ~Paul Tinker

Alison Fleming