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ESP Project – innerlife – Featuring Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming

“The first project written and conceived by Tony Lowe for the ESP Project was a multi sensory, multi media concept influenced by the colour spectrum, including visuals, music and lyrics and the use of corresponding scents. All in all, creating a complete sensory experience in three areas, with a 13 song soundtrack by Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming.”


ESP Project – anarchic curves – Featuring Tony Lowe & Peter Coyle

“Featuring the musical compositions of Tony Lowe, the poetic lyrics and vocals of Peter Coyle – ‘anarchic curves’ is a mesmerising addition to a highly reviewed body of work. Tony and Peter take us again into a conceptual and imaginative world; from melodic and symphonic to intense rock, creating an unforgettable offering to the ESP Project catalogue.

“Glorious … an atmosphere of exhilarating creativity.” – Rob Fisher : “It’s a great album … the best so far” – Garry Foster – Prog Rock Files, WCR FM Promo videos at – YouTube & Facebook


ESP Project – Quiet Days Louder Nights – Featuring David Jackson

Release 09/10/2020

ESP – Featuring series – No 1

The unmistakable sound of David Jackson in this new instrumental version of ‘Quiet Days’ from ‘Invisible Din’. Previously unheard parts by David Jackson on Saxes and Flutes and Tony Lowe on Guitar.

“When David sent me parts for the album, he always included several different takes, and for that version I used the parts that supported the song as it was then. Some of the parts were so strong that they really deserve to be heard LOUD. So here is ‘Quiet Days Louder Nights’ Featuring David Jackson.” -Tony Lowe


ESP Project – phenomena

Release 04/09/2020

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‘phenomena’ is the fifth release from Tony Lowe’s ESP Project on Sunn Creative and was written, arranged and performed by Tony, between January and June 2020. The album also features Damien Child who wrote the insightful and imaginative lyrics once again, and added the vocals at the end of May, with a special guest appearance by Alison Fleming on vocals on Track 7.

‘phenomena’ has all the hallmarks of previous ESP albums with alluring melodies and stirring arrangements. Tony’s guitar and synth play haunting themes, weaving over symphonic rock at its most dramatic and uplifting, all interspersed with strange altering scenes and soundtracks that suggest dark and fascinating interiors to this music. ‘phenomena’ is rhythmic and captivating yet strong and hopeful in all the right places.

ESP Project albums have been given over 46, 4-4.5-star reviews by music press, voted into the top 10 Prog Rock albums of the year and top 10 albums of 2017-2018.

“The album is crammed full of accessible, symphonic rock music with some nice progressive flourishes and effective snatches of experimentation…bolstered by Lowe’s precise layered instrumentation and sumptuous production…some great playing, thoughtful lyrics, and the definitive ESP stamp make PHENOMENA another class album.” – Full Review – Gareth’s Prog Blog

“It’s an absolutely superb album from Start to finish!!!” Garry Foster – Prog Rock Files Show – wcrfm

“Here’s the prog you’ve been looking for.” – Brian Talgo (Gentle Knife)

“A new ESP album is something I always look forward to. Tony Lowe has in both his solo and ESP work constantly delivered an excellent eclectic mix of original rock and melodic prog music. His signature sound manages to recall the glory of classic prog, while avoiding sounding derivative, unlike many other prog bands these days. Clearly a first-class musical producer, the high production values shine throughout as a key factor on all his releases.

It was with some trepidation that I noted on this latest ESP release, Phenomena, that he was credited for ‘Music & Instrumentation – All tracks’, with only lyrics and vocals being handed over to others (The excellent Damien Child collaborating once again, and a guest performance by Alison Fleming on a remake of Tony’s lovely ballad ‘Seven Billion Tiny Sparks).’ My worries would prove to be entirely unjustified.

Not to belittle the past albums, all of which I’ve enjoyed, but from the initial track, ‘First Flight’, and onwards, I realized this was a different ESP; a darker, edgier version, with a seasoned musician truly finding his métier. Perhaps it’s because Lowe had more or less full control of the project, from writing and arranging to performing and producing, he has been able with Phenomena to bring his artistic vision to a new level of fulfillment. For whatever reason, Phenomena is a tour de force of contemporary prog.” – Brian Talgo – Gentle Knife

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“…the whole album sparkles with musical, lyrical and vocal delights. Lowe and Child seem to have both drawn each other’s talents and created the most rounded, enjoyable ESP album to date.” – Review – Jason Ritchie – Get Ready to Rock

“Wonderfully evocative, it draws you in with melodies which charm and captivate, along with lyrics that are powerful and penetrating. Fabulous.” Rob Fisher

“An album that promises to deliver on everything that the band has previously worked on and more.” Review – The Median Man

“It’s a prog rock fans dream…a great performance by new vocalist Damien Child…with Lowe’s guitars and keys tastefully dominating…there’s nothing to dislike on The Rising” – Geoff Wootton – Powerplay Oct 2019

Four new outstanding symphonic prog tracks from Tony Lowe’s ESP Project on a CD in a 4 sided Funnel pack – with a four page lyrics booklet. 30 min of new music! Artwork by Cheryl Stringall, Music & Lyrics by Tony Lowe & Damien Child.
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A glossy 4 pp Digi-pak – replicated CD with a 12 page lyric insert. Artwork by Cheryl Stringall, Music by Tony Lowe & Lyrics by Peter Coyle.

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Official Release of Tony Lowe & Mark Brzezicki’s ESP

‘Invisible Din’


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