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“…the whole album sparkles with musical, lyrical and vocal delights. Lowe and Child seem to have both drawn each other’s talents and created the most rounded, enjoyable ESP album to date.” – Review – Jason Ritchie – Get Ready to Rock

“Wonderfully evocative, it draws you in with melodies which charm and captivate, along with lyrics that are powerful and penetrating. Fabulous.” Rob Fisher

“An album that promises to deliver on everything that the band has previously worked on and more.” Review – The Median Man

“It’s a prog rock fans dream…a great performance by new vocalist Damien Child…with Lowe’s guitars and keys tastefully dominating…there’s nothing to dislike on The Rising” – Geoff Wootton – Powerplay Oct 2019

Four new outstanding symphonic prog tracks from Tony Lowe’s ESP Project on a CD in a 4 sided Funnel pack – with a four page lyrics booklet. 30 min of new music! Artwork by Cheryl Stringall, Music & Lyrics by Tony Lowe & Damien Child.

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A glossy 4 pp Digi-pak – replicated CD with a 12 page lyric insert. Artwork by Cheryl Stringall, Music by Tony Lowe & Lyrics by Peter Coyle.

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Official Release of Tony Lowe & Mark Brzezicki’s ESP

‘Invisible Din’


ESP – ‘Invisible Din’ –  RRP£12 + P&P

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The album comes as a 6 panel Digi-Pak with a 16 page lyrics booklet – shrink-wrapped.

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