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eclipse – west

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Produced by Tony Lowe

Tony’s production credits include the ESP Projects – ‘three’ EP; ESP 2.0 – ’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ feat. Peter Coyle [ex-Lotus Eaters], Mark Brzezicki [credits include – Big Country, Phil Collins, Sting, Procol Harum, The Cult, Midge Ure], ESP ‘Invisible Din’ feat. David Cross [King Crimson], David Jackson [Van der Graaf Generator] Mark Brzezicki, Phil Spalding [credits include – Elton John, Mick Jagger, Robbie Williams, Mike Oldfield, Toyah, Seal, Steve Hackett, GTR], John Young [Lifesigns, Asia], Steve Gee [credits include – Landmarq, John Wetton, Peter Banks], Yumi Hara [credits include – Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler, Hugh Hopper] – David Cross & Robert Fripp (Starless Starlight) – Simon Townshend [The Who] – Bram Stoker ‘Cold Reading’ – Alison Fleming – Chris Gray – Yumi Hara – Gari Glaysher – John FoxxToyah – Pat Orchard – John Beagley – Poppy Gonzalez – Jose Charles – VVV – Flying Colours – Dean Johnson – Rukiza Okera.

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