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From colour, through words and music, to the innerlife

I first heard the beautiful album, ‘innerlife‘ in the red rock heaven that is Sedona, Arizona in the early 2000’s and it literally knocked me to the floor in ecstasy. Overwhelmed, I listened to it loudly from that strange vantage point and repeatedly over the weeks, drawing and painting to it, musing, writing, filled with creative fire. The album began my affair with producing and supporting independent music and not soon after that I hired Tony Lowe (the composer) to work on an artist project in Sedona. Sunn Creative (my label) was born out of the dreams and visions of the early experience, as I became executive producer of the first release on CD, now sold out. We have just re-released an updated digital soundtrack and if you enjoy music that is uplifting and full of melodic beauty, than you might like ‘innerlife‘. – String

About ‘innerlife’

Beautiful energy! …has all the qualities of a great ESP album!” –Pierre Prog ProgCritique Review in English

Fabulous album … Tremendous piece of work” -Garry Foster WCR FM

The first project written and conceived by Tony Lowe for the ESP Project was a multi sensory, multi media concept influenced by the colour spectrum, including visuals, music and lyrics and the use of corresponding scents. All in all, creating a complete sensory experience in three areas, with a 13 song soundtrack by Tony Lowe and Alison Fleming.

Imagine a place where a world of music, colour and scent combine, surrounding and engaging you, the audience, in a glorious tri-sensory experience. Each composition is influenced by the colours in the visible spectrum corresponding with a mood experienced when listening to the songs as they flow through different musical styles; including rock, pop, acoustic and orchestral. Most people are aware of the influence of colour on our moods and emotions, the subjective power of a particular image, and the manner in which music can move us deeply. Combining these with a sense of smell produces a powerful sensory experience. An experience of this unique event will positively change perception of our world.

In London in 2008, a sold out live show of the album was performed for the Action Aid Charity by Tony and Alison with a full band including Vari-Lites for the colour changes, to a packed house filled with those who had travelled from the US, Wales, Scotland, Canada and Europe. All the proceeds from this well received event were donated to Action Aid’s ‘Bollocks to Poverty’ campaign, resulting in the largest donation by any musical event up to that point in time.

There was a limited edition CD released at the time, and we now have the ability to create the right kind of visual presentation, so we’re re-issuing an updated version of the soundtrack. Full length videos to go with the songs and music will be available on YouTube in 2023. 

A work that seduces us with occasions of glorious epic classical and symphonic orchestrations, a magical conceptually cut album, in which each song can be conceived as a chapter from the complete story. -A sensational piece of work, enjoyable and truly interesting, impressive, emotive and evocative.” 2009, Nacho Valenciaga

This is an amazing concept CD. Each track composed and produced by Tony Lowe and Allison Fleming is influenced by the colors in the visible spectrum corresponding with a mood that it is experienced when listening to the songs, which move through different musical styles; including rock, pop, acoustic and orchestral. Featuring the vocals and musicianship of both Lowe and Fleming this is a unique journey through the spectrum of moods in music.” Lorraine Kay – 2008 – Music Street Journal

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Stay tuned for full length videos in 2023