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’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ offered through Bandcamp for £10 + P&P

Breaking News: Sunn Creative signed Peter Coyle to the ESP 2.0 project and Sunn Creative label in February 2018. More

We are an independent label representing ESP 2.0 featuring Tony Lowe & Peter Coyle; Tony 22 Layers of SunlightLowe; Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming – 3 releases; the critically acclaimed prog album ‘Cold Reading’ by Bram Stoker; Chris Gray’s ‘Diamonds In Your Tree’ and collaborations with a number of musicians such as Mark Brzezicki (Big Country-Procol Harum); David Cross (King Crimson); David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator); Yumi Hara (Daevid Allen, Hugh Hopper); Simon Townshend (The Who); Phil Spalding (Steve Hackett, Mike Oldfield); Steve Gee (Landmarq), John Young (Lifesigns-Scorpions) and more. At this time we do not accept unsolicited material, music or demos.

Lowe & Brzezicki’s ESP

2016 saw the release of Tony Lowe & Mark Brzezicki’s ESP album project. Joining them as special guests on the album; David CrLowe & Brzezicki's ESP - Invisible Dinoss, David Jackson, John Young, Steve Gee, Phil Spalding, Alison Fleming, Yumi Hara, Pat Orchard, John Beagley and a few surprises – 11.11.2016 release. Update here.

Further updates and pictures can be found on the ESP Facebook Page, come on over! Or here.

Chris Gray

Diamonds In Your Tree by Chris GrayChris Gray’s debut album, ‘Diamonds In Your Tree’ was released April 6th, 2015 in CD Digipak & Digital. Chris creates heartfelt folk melodies with dynamic Britpop overtones and engaging lyrics and in the past has been compared to the likes of Noel Gallagher, Elliott Smith, John Power, James Taylor and The Beatles. Chris’s influences range from Fleetwood Mac to Ray Lamontagne, Otis Redding to The La’s. BUY

Human Sleeping by Tony Lowe & Alison FlemingHuman SleepingDreams 1 to 8′ – the stunning new album from Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming – out July 1, 2014! –  Listen or Buy on BANDCAMP

Think Pink Floyd go trance.” Record Collector

With over 23 excellent reviews in the music industry press – BraBram Stoker - Cold Readingm Stoker’s ‘Cold Reading’ is a must for those fans of classic-symphonic prog. See a recap of reviews and links here. “It’s all rather beautiful in a gothic way…still symphonic but warmer and more assured – suggests they’ve much to offer the prog revival.” Full review in January 2014 Chris Gray - Don't Lose Your Wayissue of PROG.

October 26th, 2013 sunn creative released the debut EP, ‘Don’t Lose Your Way’, from the talented singer/songwriter Chris Gray. Chris creates heartfelt melodies with dynamic folk overtones and engaging lyrics. We’re excited about Chris’s music and looking forward to his new 2014 release –