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Sunn Creative is a record label and production company formed in 2012 by Cheryl Stringall, with Tony Lowe as Creative Director/Producer. Aligning with creativity and innovation Sunn Creative solely represents artists and collaborative albums produced by Tony Lowe and does not accept unsolicited music or demos. To contact Tony Lowe about Production, please follow the contact links on his website. Sunn Creative chooses artists carefully devoting time to creating a close working relationship and produces and promotes original music utilising fair business practice and legal royalty structuring for artists. Representation is inclusive and supportive of the creative environment.

Progzilla – Prog-Watch Two Part Feature

Tony Lowe & Cheryl Stringall along with numerous Sunn Creative releases featured on two Prog-Watch in-depth interviews and album plays by Anthony Rowsick and Rob Dr Rob Fisher..
This week on Prog-Watch it’s Part Two is coverage of Tony Lowe of the ESP Project and 22 Layers – Peter Coyle & Tony Lowe! We’ll hear more great music and chat, and Cheryl Stringall, Tony’s partner at the Sunn Creative label, even drops by!  As if this was not enough, Dr. Rob Fisher is also doing a Progressive Discoveries feature on the latest 22 Layers album, Isotope! All this in 90 minutes!Prog-Watch
Listen anytime via the following link: http://progwatch.com/836/


The first of two programs with Tony Lowe of the ESP Project and 22 Layers! Tune in to hear some of the chat and lots of great music from the two projects including his collaboration with Alison Fleming! http://progwatch.com/835/ 

Progzilla Radio! http://www.progzilla.com/…

Petisotopeer Coyle & Tony Lowe as ’22 LAYERS’ – release ‘isotope’ on the 21st of May, 2021 to digital outlets and as a limited edition CD Digipack with a 12 page lyrics booklet on Bandcamp.

Getting my first listen to the thoroughly captivating new album ‘Isotope’ from 22 Layers – Peter Coyle & Tony Lowe due for release on the 21st May via Sunn Creative. Gorgeous musical vistas filled with absorbing melodies, beautiful instrumental textures and an engrossing diversity of carefully crafted transitions. My thanks to Cheryl Stringall for the early access: hugely appreciated.”- Rob Fisher – Collaborator, Progressive Discoveries at Prog-Watch, Reviewer at Progradar and Reviewer, News Editor at The Progressive Aspect

22 Layers – “…it’s good to see Lowe and Coyle with their own agenda and what they do on their Travelling aloneown terms…Powerplay

Travelling alone‘ is “utterly gorgeous” Janice Long – BBC Radio Wales

“Each release from ESP just gets better & better, they set the bar high and then scale it with ease.” Garry Foster –  Prog Rock Files – wcrfm.comunchainedmusiconline.com

LoAdeDWe represent: Peter Coyle & Tony Lowe as ’22 Layers’ and their new release, ‘isotope’ (May 2021), the single ‘Travelling alone’ (Oct 2020) and EP release LoAdeD (June 2020) and; 

The ESP Project with; ‘phenomena’ (4th Sept 2020). ‘The Rising’ (11th Oct, 2019) and the mini album release (19/01/19) ‘three’ with Tony Lowe, Greg Pringle, Pete Clark, vocalist and phenomenafrontman Damien Child; ESP 2.0 featuring Tony Lowe & Peter Coyle; Tony Lowe; ESP – Invisible Din with Tony Lowe & Mark Brzezicki (Big Country-Procol Harum); David Cross (King Crimson); David Jackson The Rising(Van der Graaf Generator); Phil Spalding (Steve Hackett, Mike Oldfield); Steve Gee (Landmarq), John Young (Lifesigns-Scorpions), Alison Fleming, Yumi Hara (Daevid Allen, Hugh Hopper), ESP Project - threePat Orchard, and John Beagley.

Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming – 3 releases; the critically acclaimed prog album ‘Cold Reading’ by Bram Stoker; Chris Gray’s ‘Diamonds In Your Tree’ and collaborations with a number of musicians such as David Cross (King Crimson); David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator); Yumi Hara (Daevid Allen, Hugh Hopper); Simon Townshend (The Who) and more.

Tony Lowe, Sunn Creative Producer has extensive musical credits please visit his Crossover - David Cross & Peter Bankswebsite. In the last five years, he produced four ESP Project records as well as ‘Crossover’ with David Cross & Peter Banks as well as ‘Starless Starlight’ with David Cross & Robert Fripp. He and Cheryl Stringall of Sunn Creative Starless Starlight - David Cross & Robert Frippcollaborated with David Cross on a number of videos to promote Starless Starlight as well as the David Cross Band release, ‘Sign of the Crow’. All available on the David Cross Band Official Website.

Cheryl Stringall – Over thirty years in management, and the successful ownership or management of numerous businesses and organisations, coupled with a Business/Arts degree from the University of California (Honours), engendered an understanding and hands on commitment to specific types of business Cherylstructure and culture. As a result, Sunn Creative aligns with  inclusive methods of engaging people in ways that bolster creativity as well as valuing contribution. An avid reader, researcher and artist, Cheryl has eclectic, non-conformist interests partially due to influences from both scientific and artistic realms and her involvement with cutting edge education and science mentors.

When possible, Cheryl donates time and expertise to various charities, non-profits and social enterprises, as well as a percentage of label proceeds for charitable events. In 2014 she worked in an advisory role to the Management Committee of Lindengate – a mental health charity utilising gardening for health. In 2015/16 she volunteered as a Business Mentor with Working Knowledge, a social enterprise that ‘bridges the gap between education and the workplace’. Find out Simon Townshend - Roger Daltrey (The Who)more about Cheryl on her website.

In the UK she has worked with: Tony Lowe (with extensive credits), Simon Townshend (The Who), Roger Daltrey (The Who), Peter Coyle (Lotus Eaters), David Cross (King Crimson), David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator), Phil Spalding (Elton John, Mick Jagger, Robbie Williams, Mike Oldfield, Toyah Wilcox, Seal, Peter Coyle (Lotus Eaters)Steve Hackett, GTR) , Mark Brzezicki (Big Country, Phil Collins, Sting, Procol Harum, The Cult, Midge Ure), Alison Fleming, John Young (Lifesigns, Scorpions, Asia), Mickey Simmonds (Mike Oldfield), Steve Gee (Landmarq, John Wetton, Pete Banks), Damien Child, Pete Clark, Greg Pringle (Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Simon Townshend), Michael Cuthbert (Pete Townshend – Rachel Fuller), Pat Orchard, Paul Simon, Yumi Hara (Daevid Allen, Hugh Hopper), Chris Gray, Tony Bronsdon (Bram Stoker) and many more.

David Cross (King Crimson)

Sunn Creative works with social and environmentally conscious intent and partners with selected charities after review. To become one of our chosen organisations sunn creative logoplease contact us. Our Artists, Managing Director, Producer and Collaborating Musicians also work (or have worked) with a number of charities, social enterprises, and non-profits, such as:

Mind & Samaritans – 22 Layers – online concert fundraising (2021)
Lindengate – Cheryl Stringall – Managing Director – Volunteer
Starlight Children’s Foundation – Tony Lowe – David Cross – concert fundraising
Working Knowledge Cheryl Stringall – Managing Director – Volunteer
Action Aid – Tony Lowe – Cheryl Stringall – concert fundraising
International Students House (ISH) at 229 The Venue – Tony Lowe & Cheryl Stringall – Sunn Creative’s Lowe & Brzezicki’s ESP – Invisible Din Album Launch on 11:11:16

Manx Cancer Help – Chris Gray concert fundraising
The Pete Quaife Foundation – Chris Gray – Tony Lowe – album songs donation
Rebecca House Children’s Hospice – Chris Grayconcert fundraising
Alder Hay Children’s Burns Unit – Chris Grayconcert fundraising
Finlay’s Footsteps – Chris Gray – concert fundraising
The Southern Befrienders – Chris Gray – concert fundraising
Great Ormond Street Hospital – Chris Gray – concert fundraising

Peter Coyle (ex Lotus Eaters) joins Liz Kershaw – BBC Radio 6 to talk about his music and the issue of homelessness.

Sunn Creative Producer and Creative Director Tony Lowe and Sunn Creative Owner – Managing Director – Cheryl Stringall supported a number of charities and Tony Lowefundraising events over his career. Notably wAll of the Aboveith Action Aid’s ‘Bollocks to Poverty’ – ‘All of the Above’ Live Event in London in 2008 donating the entire gross proceeds from the event, making it the largest single contribution to Bollocks to Poverty at that time. To find out about Tony’s extensive musical credits please visit his website.

*At this time we do not accept unsolicited material, music or demos.